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I only dance to songs I like so I was sat down most of the night[Apr. 27th, 2011|01:45 am]

Fuck it's one of those super fucking restless nights where nothing is appealing at all ever. I'm listless and weird and want to do something but have started EVERYTHING and find it impossible.

I shouldn't be allowed to be "between big projects" ever. It makes me totally useless. It's like I sent Jonesy off and now I've been sat here all fucking day waiting for it to be May so I can work on The Resurrectionists. Yet I know I NEED to be between projects or I'll go insane(er)--

Oh, you know what I need?

The Sims. Yeah. That.

If even that'll do it... might need to start a new town or something so I don't just start it up and turn it off (like I've done 1412 times with LotRO today.)

Must. Resist. Siren. Call. Of. Becca.
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