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[Apr. 12th, 2012|09:47 am]
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So Italy is a thing that's about to happen, apparently. Yay!

I'm sure I'll update from there. Probably on my stupid fucking iPad so it'll take forever and be a mess like my India entries. B says it's gonna rain the whole time we're there. Guess who doesn't care? Yyyyyup!

I got a new camera (finally) and a thingie to hook it up to my iPad and B and I seem to finally be done with our two weeks of arguing. So I guess this is cool. Now we just gotta fly to Zurich, then to Milan, then take a train to Florence. All without speaking any more Italian than, "Where's the bathroom" and "fuck off"! Yay!

But hey, it MUST be a good sign that the place we're staying is the Fiorenza B&B, right?
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but all her looks were too sad [Jul. 28th, 2011|02:19 am]
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Today's conversations:

(via text)
B: Why don't you go get a bottle of Jameson?
Me: Nah, let's wait til next month. Already tanked two bottles this month between us.
B: I know, but I know you're freaking out today. Thought it would help you.
Me: I know that's why you offered. You're the best!
B: It's true.

(on the phone)
Me: I will send you chapbooks!
Tara: Are they signed?
Me: Yeah!
Tara: ... personalized?
Me: Uh, no. I mean, I didn't know who'd end up with them, so, uh... I just... um...
Tara: (A very stern, disapproving--) Hmmm.
Me: Are you about to demand that I write something in yours?
Tara: Yes.
Me: Okay. I will.
Tara: You better, dammit!

Hey, you can pre-order my book now, if you feel so inclined. Here's the link. Won't cost anything until they're actually ready to ship next month, so yay. And stuff. I'll give you a free chapbook if you do. Here's the link to tell you how to get it.

Oddly enough I've only got like 11 chapbooks left. I did give away a few there at the start as thank yous but... weird. Well, I reckon most people who were excited to pre-order got it done right away and stuff. Plus I reserved a few for people who wouldn't be around for the pre-order day like Cory and Cate and all that.

But still. Wonder if I really will need to break into the con reserve? Not that I'd complain if I did!

One step closer to real, innit?
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Then to my knees you do promote me [Apr. 17th, 2011|03:29 am]
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It rained all day, pretty much. I dicked around a little on LotRO, but ended up reading through all my newspaper bits. Then it was time for sushi for Balaji's continued birthday celebration.I didn't have a drink because I'm a bit weak and mehhhhhhh today, but I felt terrible when we got home. Then I got completely fucking owned.

Goddamn. Tired. And yet, I would count it as a good day!
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Tell me there will be no more mis-takes [Dec. 12th, 2010|03:12 pm]
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Today is Gianni Fiorenza's 102nd birthday.

Happy birthday, Head Person of Some Note. I hope you get whatever you want tonight. But then, you usually do.

And we're back from WV. We were there way, way less than 24 hours, but the Madrigal thing was great, the kids are awesome, Nick's script was even better than last year, etc. etc. And Paco is awesome.

As a side note, god, my mother is weird.
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I don't belong here in your garden, I should be up there on your throne [Nov. 15th, 2010|02:54 pm]
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Oh my god, I love shopping.

I haven't shopped in ages, actually. I mean, I haven't had time, but I also don't really need anything myself and, er, money. I do try not to, you know, blow it. But over the last week I've slowly built up Xmas gifts and I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN.

1. I have Christmas cards! And I might even use them, this time! (Okay, they're actually Happy New Year cards, seeing as I'm a raging atheist and my husband is Hindu. Whatever.)

2. BOOKS. People are getting books. In some cases signed books, which I've been arranging meticulously with the kind authors. Prepare for a FLURRY OF BOOKS, my friends.

3. I bought both Tara and Balaji the full series of "Sherlock". They were totally on sale--what a score! Mwahahaha!

4. I got Balaji a Novel-T Huckleberry Finn shirt. OMG. DUDES, these shirts are AWESOME. It's like sport jerseys for people who prefer to cheer for BOOKS. (Got myself the Gatsby one too. Not gonna lie. A JAY GATSBY JERSEY and it has the CAR on the front! Also, good number: 3!) ETA: they came today. Holy fuck, they are SOFT. And AWESOME.

5. My new Docs came while Hayley was here on Saturday! WEEEE! [ETA: I did actually need new shoes. The last pair I bought myself was 5 years ago for a wedding. Before that, when I went to grad school. Yeah. No wonder I have black trouble.]

6. And the funnest part, kid shopping. You should SEE this fucking pop-up book I got for Ruari and Raelin at the National Gallery. OH MY GOD DAVINCI. I want to send Kate (Nate and Reen's new baby) some kind of book, even though she's mini. Who else has kids I can randomly spoil for five seconds?

I have no fucking idea what to get my dad. Mom told me what she wants, some DVD series, and for Nick it definitely has to be a gamestop gift card, because he is poor as fuck and spends all his money on games. I keep giving Dad alcohol though. This will not do.

Okay, I go crazy once a year. I'm allowed, goddammit.
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sneaking in the back door with dirty magazines [Oct. 18th, 2010|12:33 am]
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I'm home but I'm sleepy and achey and possibly full of hormones. I'm angry and a bit hateful--too tired to be anything else. Tired in weird ways you forget exist until you feel them.

But stuff in WV goes well. So that's what really matters. Nice to be home, too.

Some kind of detox/shut down day tomorrow. Normal service will resume shortly after. Assuming I can become less hateful by some alchemy of sleep and avoidance, anyhow.

Mostly I think I'm just ready for this dreadful fucking month to be over.
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Went to London Riding on a Pony [Jul. 3rd, 2010|11:30 am]
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Out for the long weekend. Enjoy the festivities, American-types. (Also, the recent glut of founding father-based ads on TV. That shit is awesome.)
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go pop your cherry down grope cunny lane [Apr. 25th, 2010|10:15 pm]
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... there's a subject line, but it's in my head!

Last night Balaji saw the Pirates of Penzance and ate Drovers. Today he held the prettiest newborn I've ever seen (he held her first then stole her from me again later, and talked about how lovely she was the whole way home!), got to watch Madras defeat Bombay in the Premier League cricket final, and had hot dogs on the grill.

I'm very glad he had a good weekend, because he has finals this week, and there will be no living with him from the moment he wakes up tomorrow. What a good time for me to hammer mercilessly at Plaguebringer.

Also, discovered the central relationship of a sort of unnamed project I've been mulling over for some time. (Dyan and Iris. How did I NOT SEE IT from the beginning? I thought of them together for the first time today and BAM. GAH. Cross-dressing girl ftw.) It has to do with my wall o' composer portraits. Really though, not writing it any time soon. Just that breakthroughs are fun. Weirdly enough was listening to Beethoven sonatas with my eyes closed and imagining how G would do it differently. He blessed me with insight; he must know it's almost his turn again.

Sleep soon. I'm so tired I'm about to fucking faceplant on this keyboard. Plaguebringer all week. PLUS: reading!
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[Mar. 4th, 2010|01:32 am]

I'm not sure how I survived that much wine and that much food. But today was a good anniversary.

I really like my husband. Only been four years so I guess it's not that much of an accomplishment-- but think of it this way: we knew each other for four months before that!

I like him, though. Lots, even. (Of course I love him, but that's the easy part.)

Also, I like creme brulee. (Not sure about love though. Very nearly, anyhow.)
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Only because I'm greener than green [Dec. 22nd, 2009|11:05 pm]
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Scenes From Today:

Him: Your boyfriend won yesterday.
Me: Who's my boyfriend?
Him: Eli Manning.
Me: Hey! I like Eli!
Him: I know; he's your boyfriend.
Me: You're just saying that because Peyton is yours.
Him: ... maybe.

Him: Er... well maybe, but shouldn't we pick out your mom's Sony Reader?
Me: I know which one I want, I did research. This one. TRUE BLOOD FOR ME. HALF OFF. SO CHEAP.
Him: Okay...
(After dinner and the pilot episode of True Blood...)
Him: ... that was good.
Me: You love it.
Him: ... maybe.

If you haven't noticed, "... maybe" means FUCK YES.

Also, we had a date tonight. We went to Jaleo and I drank a fuck-load of sangria. That's metric, thanks.
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we have ways of making you think [Dec. 21st, 2009|04:04 pm]
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We somehow survived the DC Snowpocalypse, though it was pretty fucking terrible. I chronicled it here in a very sanitized way. Goddamn that sucked... but at least I got to kick the 4Runner into 4WD low. Toyotas are pretty awesome, if anyone wonders. Thing handled like a pro in positively shit conditions.

But it was an incredibly stressful weekend, which I didn't mention there. Nothing got done, and I haven't been able to concentrate. Can't even concentrate today because my connection is being fucking awful, and I can't get my usual networking shit done properly. It took me 5 hours to do what should take me 1 today. This is unacceptable. One fucking thing I have to do-- the thing that keeps me connected to an incredibly fucking loose community that I happen to need very much-- and it's impossible with a shit connection. GAH.

Mmm I'm a bit angry still, I think. But my husband is here. And it's the solstice. Shortest day sounds good to me just about now.

I did play LotRO to avoid things, and though I was really only half there, I got to see Mirkwood. Which is the awesomest thing ever. I want a house there :/

Normal service to resume tomorrow. Today I still don't have the heart. I'd better go work out to get rid of some of this hate.
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over men and horses hoops and garters lastly through a hogshead of real fire [Dec. 15th, 2009|01:05 pm]
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The weekend at home was more of a day at home, and it was kind of mixed. The madrigal thing was awesome (I blogged about it here. What do you mean you don't read my author blog? It makes so much more sense than this one!). Nick is a genius, his kids are adorable, and Balaji loved his first time.

But when we got home my parents were out of the house. And there was no dog to be found. We looked all over the house for her, but I noticed her bed was gone from the living room, too. Of course you get that sick feeling in your stomach, but we were both so tired we went to bed and had a nap. Balaji woke up first, after my parents were home, and I heard him ask first thing, "Where's Tango?"

I can hear dad through the wall (my room shares a wall with the living room TV, so I can hear everything going on in there), "We had to put her to sleep yesterday."

Oh fuck.

She was 11, which isn't bad for a purebreed, and such a big dog, but goddamn. She's been having trouble, sick for about a year on and off, I mean, we all figured it'd be soon. But that house is all wrong without her.

My mom was doing better than I expected, though. She was breaking into tears now and then, but trying to fight it (because that's what Reillys do! Unlike my dad, who'll just cry if he wants to-- smart dude). But everyone knows they did the right thing. Just waaaaaaaugh. Sucks.

I guess they'll get a new dog this summer, after they take a big vacation. But it's really sad. I'm still kind of not okay with it. She's the dog that made me like dogs.

Anyhow, I'm also really worn out from driving 11 hours in two days while really sick. I was so queasy on Sunday morning that I held up the getting moving thing-- which turned out to be good because the roads were totally iced (but only looked wet) and the news was plastered in images of people in Pittsburgh sliding all over the fucking hills and bridges. (Which, if you've never been to Pittsburgh, is pretty much all there is to it. Hills, bridges, and rivers.) So I went back to bed and we left around noon, and we're here. But I spent yesterday doing nothing but catching up on the network-- since that requires very little brainpower.

Today I do feel a little better, thank fuck. But still worn the hell out for some reason. Ah well.

Also, Dexter... dude. I don't even know what to think.
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but I'm in love with you, want to stay in love with you (so I'm gonna live alone) [Dec. 10th, 2009|12:47 pm]
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I've been feeling kind of shit for the last few days, but just run down-- nothing to keep me from doing my usual. But today I think I officially have another cold. I went all year without one, now I get two in two months. AND the hacking/aches and pains have made my stupid back flare up again (though I at least know how to manage that shit now). Brilliant!

Ah well. I'll sleep it off.

Sorry if I'm a cranky bastard this week. Going to WV on Saturday for Nick's first Madrigal dinner thing, though, so at least that'll be a distraction.

PS- IJ hasn't been sending me notifications for the last week apparently-- if you thought I wasn't responding/didn't care, it's not true! I did! I love you!
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to die by your side, well the pleasure, the privilege is mine [Nov. 1st, 2009|03:37 pm]
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A few little things:

1. Mom and Dad visit was good. We went to Mt. Vernon on Halloween, had Greek, drank wine, watched Dracula.

2. Was too busy cleaning on Friday to do the last 3 Wolfton queries, so I did them this afternoon. Monday starts the planning and refurbishment. Like I said before, I think I know what I need to do. But my brain is weirdly tired today, so it'll keep until tomorrow. That's 15 though-- and 4 form rejections already!

3. Harvest Hill was released yesterday, so Happy Late Halloween/Samhain! Check it out-- has the second story I ever sold, and my first historical fantasy/horror in it, Poor Andrew Boyd. Revolutionary War shell shock ftw.
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love the way you don't love me baby [Oct. 2nd, 2009|12:50 am]

Off for a few days to WV. Back Monday!
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I could bury you alive but you might crawl out with a knife and kill me when I'm sleeping [Aug. 7th, 2009|10:49 am]
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Other Things:

-Joe Don Baker is still made of awesome.
-I scored a bargain-priced book about witches (nonfiction stuff!) at the Natural History museum. What else burns? MORE WITCHES! (Yeah, we had to quote half the movie at that point.)
-Car was broken into, as part of what has apparently been a week-long string of car burglaries here in Yuppie Town. A neighbor heard someone else's alarm go off (ours didn't, wtf?) and called the cops, so they caught three dudes. Our window is smashed, and the Garmin gone. They left the CDs, which Nick feels is a commentary on my taste. He's probably right.
-Nick bought Sherry her first Art Book-- she fell in love with Jasper Johns (which I saw coming as soon as she said the words, "mixed media").
-Bargain book table at National Gallery yielded up a fucking fabulous catalogue of Van Dyck stuff. Obviously I do not have enough books on Dutch and Flemish baroque already, right? Right. (In my defense, none of them are specifically on Van Dyck-- which is just wrong.)
-Also got a little overview of Botticelli's most famous stuff since I was all high from having seen my favorite portrait of his upstairs*. Also, Malphus's vanity requires recognition after he did me a good turn this week. (Really nice reproduction of Madonna of the Magnificat in there, and that's him!)
-Gotta go get the car window fixed today. Fucking irritating!
-La Boheme today, and Megan's going to come with us too, since she's in town from San Francisco for the week for a conference, so yay! Now, let's hope they fix the car window before it's time to go...

* )
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today it's a cow. tomorrow it's you. [Jul. 25th, 2009|11:48 pm]


Everything's cool. I'm back home. Mom is doing really well.

Just fucking tired. But at least I'm full of beer and bread pudding.

Also, my computer has bluescreened twice in the last week. It's just a matter of time now. Gonna have to move up the purchase plan, methinks. Sucks, but fuck it dude, the thing is four years old. That's a good computer by any stretch of the imagination.
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Watch the sky [Jul. 24th, 2009|08:51 am]
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Everything's good with Mom-- thanks to everyone who's been asking. Little thing about yesterday for my own records! )

I somehow managed to do some work in terms of research reading, and I'm almost done with my Jackson/Adams book, with a few more ideas for making the letters in Peacock and Raven more interesting and her political issues more pertinent. Excellent timing since I had it in my inbox when I checked just now. Meghan, you rock! (My Thunderbird doesn't want to work from here to send email, since I'm still at the Hampton Inn. You know how that goes! You're the awesomest! I should've thought of Sari and the feathers. <3 <3-- one for each of you.) Not sure how I read and absorbed nonfiction after 24 hours awake, but it was surprisingly easy.
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not stuck in your early grave [Jul. 13th, 2009|12:20 pm]
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As usual after hanging out with my parents, I am extremely fucking tired. Dad was tired too yesterday before we left, which drinking all day long for four days in a row will do, I reckon. I was tired but only because, naturally, I got myself sunburned. Not badly, and really just on my back, but it's enough.

Anyhow aunt Mary (great aunt, really, since she's Granddaddy's kid sister) was there with us, and she's awesome, and Uncle Dan and my cousin Kelly, who's 15 and elected to spend a day with us instead of a week in Florida with her mom's family-- ha!, came from Richmond the day on Saturday. I talked to Kelly about her Indian boyfriend (is this some genetic thing with us?) and got her a henna tattoo since she was all excited and her dad clearly didn't want to spring for one. Good stuff.

Dana's coming on Thursday, and wants me to crash a funeral at Arlington National. (My friends are weird.) I'll have them for company while Balaji's at Duke this weekend, yay!

The traffic was absolute shit in both directions (Okay, DC to Richmond is always bad, but Richmond to VA Beach is so much worse. Why must people slam on their brakes when they go into the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel? WHY?), but way worse on the way down Friday. There was an accident outside Yorktown, so I was taunted by the signs for all the cool attractions I could be enjoying while I was sat in a car doing nothing. Normally I write stories in my head, but Balaji was obviously frustrated. After it took us an hour to go five miles, I offered to tell him a story, and told him The Peacock and the Raven, which he declared his absolute favorite of everything I'd ever written. I said that was just because he didn't have to tolerate me awkwardly fumbling my way through the prose of it. Anyhow, it took us another hour to go another five miles, but at least it was a more pleasant hour.

I'd like to be productive for the next three days. I think I can manage, apart from that whole extremely fucking tired thing. I need at least 3k words on Resurrectionists, and I want to finish my Andrew Jackson/John Quincy Adams book so I'm ready to revise Peacock when it comes back. Which I would not be if it came back right now because, right. Book. Research.

It's a surprisingly good book though. I mean I love nonfiction, particularly historical, but dry spots are inevitable. Not so with this one. It plots the courses of Jackson and Adams from the beginnings of their careers/lives, so you can see them coming together for this monstrous climax, thereby building a strange tension. The inevitability that set-up implies is way fallacious, but that's not the point. I think I'll buy this guy's book about John Quincy Adams some time.
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You can turn my dirty world the right way round [May. 30th, 2009|05:40 pm]
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[Current Music |Kasabian - Ketang]

I got home from running around like a jackass this morning and wondered why the fuck I'm so tired. I hopped in the shower (because running errands in Virginia in summer makes you sweat, obviously) and realized I forgot to eat.

But I did not forget to drink coffee. I'm glad my fucking priorities are so straight. I'm going to stop doing this to myself, because dude, it cannot be good for me. I'm too old for this shit.

Anyhow, I went baby shopping for my niece! That kid is going to have shit from the DC and Dubai (from her sister)-- this will be one cosmopolitan little jet-setter princess, man. I started out at Target, but then I went into Old Town to look for comics and parked RIGHT in front of one of those lame ass baby boutiques... and promptly spent another $50. But... cute. Horribly fucking cute. So cute I want to puke, cute. Yeah. That good.

From the Stupid Husband Tricks file:

(on the phone)
Me: Dude, I just bought an ass-ton of baby stuff!
Balaji: ... but we don't have a ba... oh. OH FOR OUR NIECE!
Me: Oh my god, you're fucking daft.

I couldn't make this shit up, people.

The dude at the comic shop I discovered there got me all caught up on Spidey and told me which back issues to get and which ones to skip, so I'm fucking set for the rest of the day. Oh Pete, I missed you. (Also, FF crossover!! Johnny! Pete! Love!)

And because I stopped in one cluttered fucking old comic shop, too, I got some old school crossovers. [info]fantastisucks, this one's for you:

HAHAHA! Rahne of Terror... you know you love it.

Have I mentioned I'm not getting anything done today? Yeah, that leaves me one day to finish Izzy. Not gonna happen... but I'll get close!
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