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And I think the winter will be wonderful [Feb. 5th, 2011|10:34 am]
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Okay, that first flight was annoying, but mostly because of the usual 12 screaming babies. I slept. Some.

I just keep telling myself that after we get off the next flight, we'll be home. Dc! Yay!

Yes, after leaving the Chennai airport, I was mostly over my sadness about leaving and more thinking of my own bed and my cat and writing stuff. Balaji is already fantasizing about Phil Simms. Er, i mean watching inside the NFL. AND Phil Simms.

Long ass layover in Frankfurt this time, a lost 5 hours, and they threw out our duty free scotch from India because apparently you can only carry it on if it comes through another eu country. Which makes sense, admittedly, but I do wish theyd thought to tell us that in India.

Ah well, talk to y'all again soon. Mmmmm home. I have to admit that I do love the USA... Especially when I'm out of it. It's not so bad, sometimes! :D

Right, my €8 is about up. Later!


Aaaand I'm home-as it turned out, my €8 was up just before I went to press send. That's what I get for admitting to liking the US, I guess. The world disagrees!

Last night I slept for about 12 hours and have a fucking headache, but the lag won't really catch up to me until tonight. Balaji's already watching nonstop Super Bowl coverage (thank god we were gone these two weeks...). Phil Simms, last night. Yeah. He went there.

Today, I'm going to sub the full of Equilibrium, send out acknowledgments for RPP, and send out no thank yous/short list notices for the first week of stories. Because yes, I read them in India. The pile is thick this time, I didn't want to get buried alive. Also, write Mark and let him know about the sub I read in flight.

But I gotta do all this before the lag hits me, so I'm off!

[ETA: Success! Now, to do nothing!]

Also, I stole this from Sarah:

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You're both smart and aggressive, which means that you're probably pretty dangerous when pissed off. You also tend to be somewhat straightforward, which is nice, and don't have much use for spirituality or mysticism.

Take The RPG Class Test at HelloQuizzy

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but you know cold blooded women make me sneeze [Jan. 31st, 2009|06:37 pm]
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I am home. It was a really awesome trip, but all I have in me right now is whining about the whole "20 hours on a plane and that's not counting the layover in Doha" thing. (It's cool-- they had a whole floor of the airport devoted to Duty Free. Word up.) I'm tired, cold, and hungry. But home, so yay!

So a few days of recovery (two, I'm thinking, will do me fine.) and I'm back at it. Nice!
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you cross my path I'll take you down [Jan. 28th, 2009|09:05 am]
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[Current Music |I still have 'Ulysses' stuck in my head!]

Well it's morning in India, and I actually managed to sleep in until 8am, which makes me think I might've overcome jetlag, finally. Just in time to have a few days of peace before I drag my ass back across the world. Niiiiiiice.

Mornings are good here though. For one, it's nice and cool by comparison. The weather's not been as hot as it was last time, so I've been really comfortable, but we've also not been out in the middle of the day too much. Today we're headed for Mamallapuram/Mahabalipuram/whatever the fuck you wanna call it, and that might be a horse of a different color. Busting out the salwar. Morning is also good because no one's expected to be anywhere yet. There's time and then there's Indian Time-- a phenomenon I first experienced in Nepal (except we of course called it Nepali Time.) Which is to say that everything runs about two hours later than you expected. No one is ever annoyed by this or tapping their foot impatiently-- if you go to meet your friend for a cup of coffee somewhere and he's that late, you figure whatever, no worries, and have another cup while chatting on your cell. But for those of us not adjusted to Indian Time quite yet (it takes me about two weeks to really be down with it, I find, and then I love it), morning means less waiting around for something vague to happen (which will probably not be happening as you expect anyhow, truth be told. Something might happen, but it's doubtful it'll be exactly the thing you thought would happen.)

So Ama's in and out of the kitchen making something insane for breakfast-- making me happy my body is screwed up enough that I can actually eat breakfast now. Apa's wandering around aimlessly bored in his polo shirt and dhoti, playing with every electronic device that crosses his path and being awfully cute. Balaji and Bharat are reading the Times of India in shifts sitting on the floor, and Aparna's asleep on the couch, since she's 4 months pregnant and starting to have a little trouble getting around (poor little thing, she looks so adorable though!). And Grandma's sitting in her little room reading, occasionally smiling at me and asking me some little question here and there.

The "turd hunt" as Balaji has taken to referring to it, will begin in a few hours. Messing up of plans and getting ready and changing ideas and maybe we'll even make it out to Mahabalipuram here in a few hours. (We did make it to the museum yesterday, though we only stayed for an hour because poor Aparna was looking ragged. Bala and I plan to go back tomorrow... again, plan.)

In the meantime mmmm coffee. And here's breakfast! "Vegetable something-something" Balaji tells me. You have no idea how awesome it is to be in a house full of vegetarians. Everyone's going, "how come you never dislike anything we make?" Because I spent my life eating the one side dish in my parents' house, and if I didn't like it I was fucked, maybe!

Right. Food. Later, y'all.
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So sinister, so sinister (last night was wild) [Jan. 23rd, 2009|11:30 am]
[Current Music |Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses (yet again...)]

So if anyone wonders, I'm leaving today! I'll be around on and off until about 6 I guess, but then we'll probably start shutting things down and moving toward Dulles. So have a good week and stuff. Be back the 31st.
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you know you should be glad [Nov. 2nd, 2008|03:10 pm]
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[Current Mood | amused]
[Current Music |Gaelic Storm - The Road to Liskeard]

I'm having a great time editing Meghan's newest book today. I sat here for two hours and didn't even notice time passing until I went, "whoa I am so thirsty!" That's always a sign that the book rocks right?

Anyhow I get up and watch a few minutes of cricket with Bala, since they're actually showing England playing some West Indies team or another, and let him tell me why England is sucking. Then I go to get my water and the phone rings. Again.

The land line. Our land line is used ONLY for his work-- we both use our cell phones for everything personal.

Bala: You know what all those calls are?
Me: Political nonsense.
Bala: Yeah. Did you know Barrack Obama kidnaps white babies and sacrifices them?
Me: (from the kitchen, where I'm getting my water) HAHAHA!
Bala: (dead serious-sounding) No, really. It's an ancient African Muslim tradition.

Hahahaha! If only the calls were that hilarious, I might start picking them up.

On a slightly different note (but in the commonwealth vein of my cricket commentary, I suppose), last month's National Geographic has a fabulous article on India's GQ-- a major highway connecting Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai (Madras, just that my husband is the last person in the world who refuses to call it "Chennai", so I don't either.) It has this bit in it, which I think is some fabulous, connected journalism. It says a lot about India in just a few sentences, and so I must share:

... congestion is so bad that the GQ comes to a standstill, and the fundamental laws of Indian traffic, which resemble those governing swarms of bees, take hold. To cross a busy intersection is to catch a glimpse of the Indian character: enterprising, creative, pushy, energetic, relentless, and surprisingly good-natured. As you wait to cross, you're aware of a constant push around your edges, a jockeying for position that seeks to flow past you on the way to the other side. There's nothing hostile about it; it's just that standing still is not an option.

It had Balaji smiling like crazy too, that same way he smiles when he re-reads Swami and Friends. (Read it. Seriously. God.)

If you wanna check the article out, it's here. The photo gallery has me really glad we already have our tickets for January. Especially love the one of the priest blessing the car. Small basic things you'd take for granted in India, but beautiful to the western-oriented Nat Geo reader in a surprising way.

That is all until later, when I plague you with more nonsense about my adventures in Nano. But for now, a public announcement for those who don't log in here and therefore didn't see my insane squeeing Friday night/Saturday morning:

I got an acceptance for this fucking rad antho. I got the invite to sub months back, and the deadline was Halloween. So... fuck yeah, dude. Morrigan Books ftw!
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at people who I'd much rather kick in the eye [Sep. 30th, 2008|10:58 am]
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[Current Music |The Smiths - The Boy With The Thorn In His Side]

Well, it wasn't pretty, but the Steelers prevailed over the Ravens, so I don't have to spend today being sulky. Because if there is one team I really, really can't stand to lose to, it's Baltimore. (Although my husband points out that Ray Lewis hasn't murdered anyone in a few years. Good for you, Baltimore, keeping your murderous drug dealing players on a short leash! That's the first step on the road to recovery!) It's truly humiliating. I'd rather lose to Cleveland.

And if you know Pittsburgh, you know that's saying a lot.

Still we beat them both. AFC NORTH MOTHERFUCKERS! (Bengals, Browns, Ravens, Steelers. Come on, if we don't wrap that up we don't deserve it. See how I say "we", like I'm on the field? Yep, I'm lame.)

And I have what look to be very decent Oasis tickets as of an hour ago, because they went on pre-sale for the North American tour at 10am for people signed up at the website. They're actually coming to DC woo! (Fairfax actually, which is even better because it's really close to me.) I got concourse seating because floor seats are always a pain in the ass for short people, and I had my share of fighting at V Fest. I was close once. I'm cool. I just wanna be able to see.

Oh, and I'd also like to put in a request to the universe: Please don't let anyone get tackled this time. Especially Noel though. Liam's still kind of tough. Noel looks like he weighs about 90 lbs and took a week to recover from that last one.

I was hoping to crash on Keli in MN (and visit Megh!) and see them there too, but the tour is in December, which is right before I have to go to India and will be trying to save money. So that's probably not happening. Anyhow, I want to go there in the summer, not the winter. I'm a southern girl, dammit. (Er... a mid-atlantic girl really. But still. MN in the winter would surely be the death of me.) So I'll probably invite myself up there around that time, depending on when we're supposed to be in Shanghai and Brussels.

Delhi is apparently in a sad state of affairs right now, but we got our tickets anyhow. Flying through Heathrow this time on BA, which makes me happy because going through Frankfurt on Lufthansa last time was god awful. (Okay, it was god awful on the way back because Bala had malaria and was fevered and sick as fuck, passed out on the seats in the waiting area and paying like 5 euros for a tiny cup of orange juice. But still.) I'm pretty sure this won't be any better, but I'm going to pretend so I can make myself get on the plane-- because my god, that flight is shit. DC-London-Delhi, then a week later to Chennai (Madras). then Chennai-London-DC a week after that. I probably won't be able to do much by myself in Delhi just because there's a lot of tourist kidnapping and bombing going on (aww, it'll be like Kathmandu the second time, but bigger and scarier!), but I might be able to set some things up with tour groups. Normally I hate them, but in climates like that it's best to go with a group that's already hired someone to pay off the terrorists/police (very often the same thing there, I've found). And then Bharat and Aparna will come for a few days and hang with me, and maybe I'll get to go to Agra and do the cheesy Taj Mahal thing.

Still wanna go to Bihar, because I'd love to see Bodh Gaya and all that good Buddhist stuff, but it's really not plausible right now. Too bad, that.

My mother-in-law is already making plans to take me to this really old library in Madras and hang out. They apparently have lots of palm manuscripts and the like-- it's colonial originally and I guess newly renovated. Sounds like heaven. I'm her favorite daughter-in-law because I read a lot, and it probably doesn't hurt that I write. And don't live with her :D So I have that and Mamallapuram to look forward to down south. That's shaping up nicely! I need to remember to get more pictures in Madras this time-- I hardly have any from last time, and it's a really good looking city.

ALSO: Nick is coming for his birthday and most of the week after! (middle of October.) Fun!

So yeah, yesterday was a ranty day. Looks like today won't be so much!
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people say it's just a waste of time [Sep. 18th, 2008|04:07 pm]
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I had South Indian food today for the first time since last January (almost two years ago... god) in Madras. Dear god, I cannot WAIT to fucking go back. Stuffed myself full of idly, dosa, sambar, and coconut chutney, knowing all along that even though it was awesome, it was total crap compared to my mother-in-law's.

I miss my mother-in-law. There's something most people wouldn't say!

Balaji got home at like 6am and he had to call me to let him in-- I'd forgotten not to deadbolt the door. Whoops. Anyhow he obviously wasn't going to work today, both because of that, and because he aced his presentation (read: elaborate dance calculated to hide the fact that he had nothing for them) to his client yesterday. He's on the couch watching Yes, Prime Minister now.

I love Sir Humphrey Appleby, he's one of my all time favorite television/movie characters. I based that Arthur character from Oubliette sort of on him-- just a version of him with no actual power. (And dead. And more overtly evil.) Mmm civil service.

I thought today was the 20th, which would make it [info]fantastisucks's birthday. It's totally not. Oh well, she got her ecard early then! At least I figured it out today so I didn't wish Keli's early too... still, you know I care!

Also: people like me. Of course, that's because they don't know me. But still, they both said such nice things about me, and are established writers around the genre and... stuff. I feel all fangirl melty.
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Satyameva Jayate, so they say. [Aug. 14th, 2008|05:18 pm]
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So I totally messed with Papa Joe today-- re-did a few bits and threw in some Giuseppe-isms. It's getting better.

But then I realized I was planning my next trip to India and I hadn't even sorted out the photos from the last trip. So I pared them down and commented as much as I could recall, so I wouldn't forget! The stuff from the temples is here if anyone is into that kind of thing and wants to see. (What, who ISN'T into South Indian temple architecture? Seriously! Er...)

Not the best photos, and not the best camera, but it's cool stuff anyhow. Weee!

(Watch for the photo of Ganesh with Balaji quoting Apu in the comments. Oh dear. Luckily I stopped him from making horrible comments on the Srirangam temple photos where I mentioned how badly kept the place was. He's about to start a Shiva v. Vishnu fight on my facebook, the fucker!)

Blog Cruising Spam time!

I always read Colleen Lindsay's blog, The Swivet just because I enjoy her. Today she linked to this entertaining article by Nicola Griffith on why reading is good for your brain.

*Defers to Irene now for real commentary*

What really makes me happy is her rant at the end though. The line, "I don't want to be The New TV Series, I want to be pornography," pretty much says it all. But it's fun to read anyhow.

Me too, Nicola. Me too. Some day!
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