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you picked the insects of plants no time to think of consequences [Mar. 13th, 2012|04:49 pm]
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We're not supposed to say this, but you all know it's true anyhow, so I will. My favorite child! It lives!

Happy release day, boys.
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[Nov. 4th, 2011|09:42 am]
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Free RIOT BOY and other things for winning.

Holy fuck this book is about to come out.


Right, I'm cool. Super cool. Yeeeeeah.
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[Aug. 23rd, 2011|01:41 am]
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EQUILIBRIUM is about two guys who have awesome superpowers and are best friends. They kind of pussyfoot around about how much they mean to each other and how hot they think the other one is. Then one day some bad shit happens and they realize that pussyfooting is dumb, because not pussyfooting could mean getting laid -- also, falling in love and being happy forever and ever, if they play their cards right. And survive the bad shit.

Then it really hits the fan and someone almost dies and a bunch of shit catches on fire.

No, that is not the official blurb. Please see below for that.

Please consider buying this book, because I totally wrote it, and it's cute and hot and fun and I honestly think it's an entertaining way to spend your evening, and still waaaaay cheaper than a movie ticket!

Click here for the proper blurb, excerpts, character stats, and cover stuff

Click here to go straight to the buying part

Thanks y'all. And thanks to John and Jen for helping me write it, and Tara for, uh, being one of the characters sorta.
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