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but all her looks were too sad [Jul. 28th, 2011|02:19 am]
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Today's conversations:

(via text)
B: Why don't you go get a bottle of Jameson?
Me: Nah, let's wait til next month. Already tanked two bottles this month between us.
B: I know, but I know you're freaking out today. Thought it would help you.
Me: I know that's why you offered. You're the best!
B: It's true.

(on the phone)
Me: I will send you chapbooks!
Tara: Are they signed?
Me: Yeah!
Tara: ... personalized?
Me: Uh, no. I mean, I didn't know who'd end up with them, so, uh... I just... um...
Tara: (A very stern, disapproving--) Hmmm.
Me: Are you about to demand that I write something in yours?
Tara: Yes.
Me: Okay. I will.
Tara: You better, dammit!

Hey, you can pre-order my book now, if you feel so inclined. Here's the link. Won't cost anything until they're actually ready to ship next month, so yay. And stuff. I'll give you a free chapbook if you do. Here's the link to tell you how to get it.

Oddly enough I've only got like 11 chapbooks left. I did give away a few there at the start as thank yous but... weird. Well, I reckon most people who were excited to pre-order got it done right away and stuff. Plus I reserved a few for people who wouldn't be around for the pre-order day like Cory and Cate and all that.

But still. Wonder if I really will need to break into the con reserve? Not that I'd complain if I did!

One step closer to real, innit?
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turn yourself around, you weren't invited [Mar. 15th, 2010|02:11 pm]
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Hopelessly self-indulgent weekend, during which all I did was think about Plaguebringer (but not do anything about it, as it didn't seem all that pressing), have long rambly conversations with my husband about nothing, watch the new MST3Ks we got, and play LotRO. (Tom is 3/4 of a level from getting a horse. Yes, I'm easily amused. Thank Christ.)

It felt good, but it's time to light a fire under this motherfucker. This motherfucker being me.

In unrelated news, I still can't eat eggs. I had some at my parents' and they buy just regular eggs. As people who've been to my house know (don't talk about it usually, so it'd be hard to know otherwise), I am really neurotic about my eggs and dairy, and will only buy them if I know from where they came and that I'm okay with how they raise the animals. (You can argue this point with me all you like, but don't, because I don't care if you think it's dumb/pointless. Even if I could change this particular neurosis, I'm too old to give a fuck what anyone else thinks.) Balaji says this is because I don't like to buy sin.

I was aware of course that this sort of food tends to taste better than the mass produced chicken-in-a-1x1x1-cage kind-- better (god, oh god, vegetarian) chicken feed = better chickens = better eggs. Anyone who eats natural or organic meat will tell you the same thing-- it has flavor! Wtf!

But I ate an egg at my parents' anyhow, thinking I ought not to be a haughty bitch. (They already buy gelatin-free all natural sour cream because of me-- of course once they got it for my visit they realized it was actually much better and started buying it regularly.) And it was really, really gross. It had a weird consistency and tasted funny. I couldn't eat anything for the rest of the day apart from a bag of chips I forced down while driving home. And now every time I think about eating eggs I feel a little ill. Even the sin free kind.

I don't want to be the crazy person who brings her own food everywhere. I already take my own milk home (I don't even like milk, but I put it on cereal occasionally-- Nick drank it all last time, going "Man, this IS better!" Jerk) and am extremely weird about where I eat out. (Ate out at Chilis this weekend, first time at a place like that in ages. Was so sick-- our stomachs aren't used to junk food any more :/) Jesus fucking Christ, I get crazier every year.

Also, I realize I don't talk much about my food issues. But for anyone who doesn't know, I was actually vegan for a few years until the yogurt in Nepal knocked me off that. Now I'm just-- like this.
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Only because I'm greener than green [Dec. 22nd, 2009|11:05 pm]
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Scenes From Today:

Him: Your boyfriend won yesterday.
Me: Who's my boyfriend?
Him: Eli Manning.
Me: Hey! I like Eli!
Him: I know; he's your boyfriend.
Me: You're just saying that because Peyton is yours.
Him: ... maybe.

Him: Er... well maybe, but shouldn't we pick out your mom's Sony Reader?
Me: I know which one I want, I did research. This one. TRUE BLOOD FOR ME. HALF OFF. SO CHEAP.
Him: Okay...
(After dinner and the pilot episode of True Blood...)
Him: ... that was good.
Me: You love it.
Him: ... maybe.

If you haven't noticed, "... maybe" means FUCK YES.

Also, we had a date tonight. We went to Jaleo and I drank a fuck-load of sangria. That's metric, thanks.
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we have ways of making you think [Dec. 21st, 2009|04:04 pm]
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We somehow survived the DC Snowpocalypse, though it was pretty fucking terrible. I chronicled it here in a very sanitized way. Goddamn that sucked... but at least I got to kick the 4Runner into 4WD low. Toyotas are pretty awesome, if anyone wonders. Thing handled like a pro in positively shit conditions.

But it was an incredibly stressful weekend, which I didn't mention there. Nothing got done, and I haven't been able to concentrate. Can't even concentrate today because my connection is being fucking awful, and I can't get my usual networking shit done properly. It took me 5 hours to do what should take me 1 today. This is unacceptable. One fucking thing I have to do-- the thing that keeps me connected to an incredibly fucking loose community that I happen to need very much-- and it's impossible with a shit connection. GAH.

Mmm I'm a bit angry still, I think. But my husband is here. And it's the solstice. Shortest day sounds good to me just about now.

I did play LotRO to avoid things, and though I was really only half there, I got to see Mirkwood. Which is the awesomest thing ever. I want a house there :/

Normal service to resume tomorrow. Today I still don't have the heart. I'd better go work out to get rid of some of this hate.
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I could bury you alive but you might crawl out with a knife and kill me when I'm sleeping [Aug. 7th, 2009|10:49 am]
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Other Things:

-Joe Don Baker is still made of awesome.
-I scored a bargain-priced book about witches (nonfiction stuff!) at the Natural History museum. What else burns? MORE WITCHES! (Yeah, we had to quote half the movie at that point.)
-Car was broken into, as part of what has apparently been a week-long string of car burglaries here in Yuppie Town. A neighbor heard someone else's alarm go off (ours didn't, wtf?) and called the cops, so they caught three dudes. Our window is smashed, and the Garmin gone. They left the CDs, which Nick feels is a commentary on my taste. He's probably right.
-Nick bought Sherry her first Art Book-- she fell in love with Jasper Johns (which I saw coming as soon as she said the words, "mixed media").
-Bargain book table at National Gallery yielded up a fucking fabulous catalogue of Van Dyck stuff. Obviously I do not have enough books on Dutch and Flemish baroque already, right? Right. (In my defense, none of them are specifically on Van Dyck-- which is just wrong.)
-Also got a little overview of Botticelli's most famous stuff since I was all high from having seen my favorite portrait of his upstairs*. Also, Malphus's vanity requires recognition after he did me a good turn this week. (Really nice reproduction of Madonna of the Magnificat in there, and that's him!)
-Gotta go get the car window fixed today. Fucking irritating!
-La Boheme today, and Megan's going to come with us too, since she's in town from San Francisco for the week for a conference, so yay! Now, let's hope they fix the car window before it's time to go...

* )
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she believes in everything [Jul. 18th, 2009|11:10 am]
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Dana, Sean, and Ruari left this morning around 9 (they went into the District to see the WWII memorial, couldn't find parking, and so drove out to Jefferson Memorial and sent me a picture of them on the steps. Eeee!). It was so much awesome having them here.

Those of you who do not have twitter, you can see the abbreviated story of my weekend with

Twitpic #1
Twitpic #2


Also, I saw Harry Potter, which was awesome. Lots of differences from the book, so Dana was aggravated, but that's why I didn't re-read the book before seeing it! Ha!

(Draco and Snape!!! Eeeeeeeee!!!)

Right, I'm done with the exclamation points now. Really.

Catching up on life. I will be with you directly.

(Also, someone for whom I have mad respect/love said too nice things about me today. Cate Gardner is so effing sweet. I just needed to tell that to someone. You're it.)
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not stuck in your early grave [Jul. 13th, 2009|12:20 pm]
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As usual after hanging out with my parents, I am extremely fucking tired. Dad was tired too yesterday before we left, which drinking all day long for four days in a row will do, I reckon. I was tired but only because, naturally, I got myself sunburned. Not badly, and really just on my back, but it's enough.

Anyhow aunt Mary (great aunt, really, since she's Granddaddy's kid sister) was there with us, and she's awesome, and Uncle Dan and my cousin Kelly, who's 15 and elected to spend a day with us instead of a week in Florida with her mom's family-- ha!, came from Richmond the day on Saturday. I talked to Kelly about her Indian boyfriend (is this some genetic thing with us?) and got her a henna tattoo since she was all excited and her dad clearly didn't want to spring for one. Good stuff.

Dana's coming on Thursday, and wants me to crash a funeral at Arlington National. (My friends are weird.) I'll have them for company while Balaji's at Duke this weekend, yay!

The traffic was absolute shit in both directions (Okay, DC to Richmond is always bad, but Richmond to VA Beach is so much worse. Why must people slam on their brakes when they go into the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel? WHY?), but way worse on the way down Friday. There was an accident outside Yorktown, so I was taunted by the signs for all the cool attractions I could be enjoying while I was sat in a car doing nothing. Normally I write stories in my head, but Balaji was obviously frustrated. After it took us an hour to go five miles, I offered to tell him a story, and told him The Peacock and the Raven, which he declared his absolute favorite of everything I'd ever written. I said that was just because he didn't have to tolerate me awkwardly fumbling my way through the prose of it. Anyhow, it took us another hour to go another five miles, but at least it was a more pleasant hour.

I'd like to be productive for the next three days. I think I can manage, apart from that whole extremely fucking tired thing. I need at least 3k words on Resurrectionists, and I want to finish my Andrew Jackson/John Quincy Adams book so I'm ready to revise Peacock when it comes back. Which I would not be if it came back right now because, right. Book. Research.

It's a surprisingly good book though. I mean I love nonfiction, particularly historical, but dry spots are inevitable. Not so with this one. It plots the courses of Jackson and Adams from the beginnings of their careers/lives, so you can see them coming together for this monstrous climax, thereby building a strange tension. The inevitability that set-up implies is way fallacious, but that's not the point. I think I'll buy this guy's book about John Quincy Adams some time.
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and live my life in a lullaby [Jun. 19th, 2009|11:53 pm]
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And I have my first sunburn of the summer, merely from walking around the National Mall all day. This will of course result in an increase of freckles rather than an eventual tan.

Man I am so tired, and we didn't even make it over to Jefferson. (See how annoyed he is, now?) And off to do it again tomorrow!
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all my friends are as sharp as razors [Jun. 12th, 2009|12:06 am]
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I played The Sims in my pajamas all day, but still had my phone off for some reason. Habit.

In spite of a killer fucking headache out of nowhere, I dragged my ass to Whole Foods for restocking and some dinner beforehand, and did some research tonight during the game.

Apparently it was common practice to perform experiments on corpses before dissecting them that involved electric current. I so want to avoid direct Galvani-style experimentation though, goddammit. It's so overdone.

Mmm zombies.

That's about it for today.
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to die by your side, well the pleasure, the privilege is mine [May. 6th, 2009|06:24 pm]
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Well Dart's little (er, huge) story is done at 21,229 words, which is all right. I have a feeling it'll get pared quite a bit once someone with a brain sees it, but for now, done. DONE.

It was good fun, anyhow. The story's a bit crap right now, but I like the kid, I must say.

It goes like this:

“Well, here’s to the blood in our veins, and the bodies in the church yards, Paul. May they stay where they belong, until we need them elsewhere.”

“I’ll drink to that, Francis.”

So today I got an email from the Oasis Shop (yeah, I'm on the mailing list... shut up!) about them releasing "The Dreams We Have As Children" in the US finally-- which is the recording of the show Noel did for the Teenage Cancer Trust a few years back. And Weller is there for a Jam (Butterfly Collector ftw!) and Beatles song! And then Noel does "There is a Light That Never Goes Out"!

Admittedly, it's not quite as ironic as when Morrissey sings it, but I don't usually like covers, and I really like this one. I was also really happy when Balaji came out of the office, paused to listen to "Cast No Shadow" and went, "Yeah, you're right, Tara's wrong. Noel can't bring it like Liam."


Ahem. Because yes, if you haven't guessed, Tara regularly winds me up about them not needing Liam to sing-- which is preposterous, but she's evil. Once Balaji made the mistake of saying, "You know... well, no, probably not, you're right." But the definitive answer was required of him, and he delivered. (This from the one man in the world who saw Oasis live and was actually impressed with Liam Gallagher's stage presence. "He doesn't even have to move! He's fucking cool!" Right. Let's go with that. He's fucking cool, man!)

Sheetal is officially moved into St. Paul, which means my plans to descend upon the twin cities this summer will meet with no resistance; I can pawn Bala off on him!

In other plans for adventure, I'm off to New York tomorrow morning.

Franz Ferdinand. Dude.
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to show from where I came [Mar. 26th, 2009|03:42 pm]
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Over the last few days, two people have been going through my fanfic at ff.n, both 616 and Evo, and adding them all to their favorites. That's totally sweet.

And reminded me of Alex half-finished on my hard drive. Maybe he's the answer, really. Sometimes I forget why I wrote fanfiction in the first place: so I could lay off the stupid shit I usually write that was making me crazy. I should keep that in mind more often. Fanfiction is impossible to hate (for me!), a lifesaver, and I love it.

I'm not saying I'll do it soon, I'm just saying I'd kinda like to. I only have three more to go, and I know what happens with all of them. Alex, Scott, and JM. I kinda wish I was already on JM's because I've been waiting for it forever, but... you know. I love me some Summers Boys.

Also, just found out the NSO is doing a program this summer at Wolf Trap (that means LAWN TICKETS DUDE!) with a Mendelssohn violin concerto (Not sure which, but I'd be willing to be it's my favorite, since that's sorta the one), Beethoven's 6th (the one symphony of his I'd really like to see live-- it's my first classical music memory!), and Copland's Rodeo--

And Balaji's out of town that weekend, poor guy. I'd go by myself like a tool (wouldn't be the first time!), but it looks like Nick wants to come. Score!

Also, La Boheme in August. I can't think of a cooler way to see it than sitting on some grass drinking crappy overpriced wine out of a plastic cup! (Plus: Big screens with translations. Opera for the schlubs like me, word up. Mmm Puccini-licious!)

Plus, this weekend all lawn seats are even cheaper than usual. $10. Fuck dude!

So this week, for those not usually on IJ/logged in, has been a bit wild on my end, and is about to get wilder, in a pretty awesome way. Balaji's leaving in an hour or less for Durham. Tomorrow I'm having company (Reenie!) and we're going to see Primal Scream (FINALLY, Jesus, it's been like, oh man, 12 years-- I'm so old. But YAY!), and then Saturday evening once Bala gets home I'm leaving for WV, where I'll be until next Sunday. Mom's laid up, in pain, and threatening to throw herself on her (proverbial) sword in frustration, so I'm going armed with Jeeves and Wooster and Sherlock Holmes DVDs and try and keep her from taking such drastic measures. Oh, and so Dad doesn't have to clean the house, since it's the weekend before the high school spring musical, and he's been doing both his own (director) and Mom's (music director) jobs for the last three weeks as it is.

And that's all for me right now. But it's enough!
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they laid poor Jesse in his grave [Mar. 17th, 2009|01:37 pm]
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[Current Music |The Pogues]

Hm, it's already after 1.30. I'm slow, but if I plan this right I can still be passed out by 10pm! Happy St. Patrick's day.

Off to be a stereotype!
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I said, "listen up man, they don't even know you're born" [Mar. 13th, 2009|05:40 pm]
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Nothing done apart from a bloggy post today, and I'm glad of it. I'm belligerent, but in a happy way. This will make sense if you know me, and if you do not will sound like I don't know the meaning of the word "belligerent". I admit that the latter crowd seem to have an airtight case against me. But they don't know me.

This makes me want a drink, but I still hold out some hope of editing later this evening, and I know if I pour a G&T I won't be able to hold to just one. Then again, the night is young.

I really hope they have 28 Days Later on demand right now-- it's not streaming on Netflix and I have a serious urge. But the real question is:

Why don't I own it?

Mysteries of the universe, my friends.
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spread your love like a fever [Mar. 3rd, 2009|12:03 am]
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I don't think I need to say anything else.
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or should I say she once had me [Feb. 26th, 2009|11:38 am]
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On the one hand I am grateful that Balaji called me this morning (and by "this morning" of course I mean 10am) and woke me up-- I don't want a repeat of last night and I don't want to have to take something to knock myself out. On the other, holy Jesus I am tired. I think I can get out another chapter of edits today but I get the feeling it's going to be a bit worthless when it comes to the rewrite plans.

In good news, after two weeks of polite fighting with EA's customer service, I can finally reinstall my stupid H&M stuff pack. My download had expired so get this, the fucking EA download manager thing wouldn't LET me reinstall it from the saved files I had. So every time I need to reinstall on some new computer I have to go through this? Grrrrreat. Anyhow, it's all there now, so fuck it (for the moment)! But it does lead me to believe that I should no longer buy games from them that way. I mean what if in ten years I want to reinstall the old Sims and play it? (Okay, not fucking likely, but hang on, I've PAID for them all!) Yeah.

I need a new computer anyhow, possibly for my birthday or Xmas depending... but it'll be one that can run The Sims 3 anyhow :D

Also, it is disturbing what you notice when casually reading the back of a box while waiting for the oven to preheat. So I'm reading the Original Gardenburger (still the best!) box last night and I see that it has less calories (100) than the bun on which I'm about to put it (170). That strikes me as wrong. And now I know why I never read the backs of boxes, I just eat what doesn't make me feel like hell.

Speaking of which, Special K protein water, god help me, is actually good. I'm not sure if I bought the little mixes because I've been on a binge to eat better after India (which left me feeling stuffed full of ghee and rice... dude. Ugh.) or if I was just attracted by the appeal of not having to get up in the middle of the afternoon and find a snack. I invariably want to gnaw my arm off around 5pm every day for no good reason and I get really annoyed. But now I can just drink water that tastes like kool aid and I feel better! Either way, it's the lazy/obsessive writer's dream. It's bad enough I have to interrupt myself for lunch. Damn.

Yeah that was all really exciting. Anyhow. I'd better get some damn coffee.
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I’m only going to heaven if it feels like hell [Feb. 10th, 2009|10:50 pm]
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I did my usual flogging of cool stories today on the author blog (or follow along with [info]kvtaylor or the livejournal updates, even though you'd still have to go to the proper blog to respond... oh whatever, what's the point if I can't shamelessly self-promote? Wanna be a writer, better fucking get used to doing it!), but I want to seriously recommend these two flash pieces (yes, that means short) to EVERYONE:

1. Trapped by NK Kingston. Nat neglected to post this to [info]the_literatzzi, so I'm being a jerk and doing it here. Mwahahaha. Nice to see another of our own, no? Plus, god this thing is freaky. (Oh hi elevator issues. *shudder*)


2. The Fall of Azaliel and Lorcas by Michael Stone. (Same one who wrote Fourtold.) It's like... Good Omens on crack, but bite sized. Angels in a bottle. Hilarious and creepy as fuck.

Seriously, they're both short and great fun. And creepy.

I spent part of today texting Tara about how much we love playing Harvest Moon. When I saw her at my parents' over Xmas I showed it to her and so of course she had to get it herself. Now we trade tips about how to get the right dude to marry you and which crops are best to grow. Wow, we are so predictably nerdy. Why is a farming simulation game fun?

I don't know, but it is.

Also, work!

So developing the merc idea is going surprisingly well. No, nothing written, but I'm thinking about doing a very limited PoV and using the sort of New Guy on that one, Jamis, who gets his promotion thanks to this little adventure. Which I've lifted partially from PG Wodehouse, I think. Not sure how this can possibly end well, but I guess that's the point. So anyhow, mostly just working on the voice in my head and trying to see how I want to play with him. He has a sort of sideline bit in the books, but that's why I want to use him here. No commitment, no matter what I do later.

I think this might actually work, though. So that's good news!

Still falling off to sleep a little earlier than I'd like though, so no work gets done in the evenings right now. Working on that though. Really.

Hmm okay, so sorry non IJ people who might stop by-- you get the writing update today too, which is normally f-locked. But I'm too tired/lazy to make two entries.

I can't get Franz Ferdinand's Can't Stop Feeling out of my head. It's been there all damn day. God, why are they so brilliant and catchy? WHY?!
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and I see it needs sweeping [Feb. 2nd, 2009|05:11 pm]

Oh god, we just went out for a walk and the weather was really beautiful. So we get to our turning around point and suddenly the sky goes dark and the wind starts to positively HOWL. Yes, HOWL. Holy shit, it got cold.

Now my hands won't work. Eeee winter! (I'm secretly grateful. The hot humidity in Madras was making my face break out. Not quite like I was 15 again but damn dude. Been a while since I got like five at once!)

Also, we got the cat back this morning, which is nice. The place was far too quiet without Lucy wandering around yelling at us for no reason. Now she's here on her pillow by my desk, looking like the little meat loaf she is. Awww.

And in between these things I somehow managed to get some editing done. I'm not feeling very well right now (possibly jet lag, possibly not, but I'm off to the doctor on Friday so you know I'm serious-- I hate the damn doctor!) so it's rather an ideal activity-- keeps my mind well occupied without me having to act a part. Writing takes a lot of energy for something that requires no movement, doesn't it? What the fuck is up with that?

I forgot to report on this, though, when I talked about India: I got an awesome pair of Lacoste shoes (canvas trainer-types, which was what I needed desperately) in India for relatively cheap! Actual ones too! Thank god, since I've had those red ones since fucking 2001... no wonder my back is fucked up, really. (Though it's not right now. At least ailments are hitting me one at a time, right?)
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here we go... [Jan. 18th, 2009|11:15 pm]
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AFC Champions! *dance*

This is my idea of a good time. We're coming back the day before the Super Bowl, too. Until then, my pink Polamalu jersey shall hang in the closet untouched, lest its magic wear off. Because it's obviously magical. Right.

In other news, the weekend flew by very quickly. Sheetal was delayed, as previously described, but arrived on Saturday morning. We spent like four hours in the hookah bar, they went to dinner, then they came back and got drunk and talked all night while I occasionally butted in. (I only had a glass of wine or two. I don't know what got into me!) They finally went to bed at 5am. Amazing!

And then today. Oh, today! Today was beautiful!

Did I say AFC Champions?

You know, no one has six Super Bowl titles in the whole league. I'm just saying.

(Gosh, I hope Ward is okay. Also, that poor McGahee. Not much would make me feel bad for a Raven, but damn dude. Ouch.)
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all the good in the world and you keep it under your thumb [Jan. 10th, 2009|02:05 am]
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[Current Music |The Charlatans - Back Room Window]

If my fucking email would work properly, I'd feel a lot better-- I'm having issues with my smtp connection thingie though. I think it's nothing big, but until it's sorted out I won't feel QUITE comfortable. Any mail I've sent in the last two days has been with webmail, which makes me extraordinarily cranky. I know it doesn't make sense, but I can't help it.

Also: my ISP assures me there's nothing wrong with my beaubier-mail and it shouldn't be bouncing things any more. I'd be more convinced if they knew why it did it in the first place. Anyhow, if I've bounced shit from you recently, apologies. Please, for the love of god, tell me so I can give them more shit.

But [info]mssolo gave me bookmarks, so at least I don't have to run around trying to find those. You rule, Nat!

Almost back to normal though. Nearly. Except for my lack of fucking playlists :/ Still, apart from losing the play count, which is a REAL fucker, it's kind of fun to build them all over again.

I saw Emeril Lagassi in Whole Foods today. They were filming some show about "Green..." something or other. I don't know-- they had a sign outside with some dates on it that they'd be filming and we just walked right in. Got to the wine and cheese sections and there they were, lights out in full force. The fucking TV crew had shit all over the wine area and it was annoying to pick around in my search for a good bottle.

I ended up with some Sicilian red called "Pinocchio". The tag line is "in vino veritas". Get it? Pinocchio?! Oh come on, how could I resist?

Did I mention yet that I have Primal Scream tickets? Oh yeah. Guess I did.
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you know you should so I guess you might as well [Jan. 2nd, 2009|08:27 am]
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[Current Music |Anthony Bordain is on TV...]

So I'm a day late, but I've had company, so happy new year, y'all! My dad looked at me last night while we were watching the College Football extravaganza (he's a big Penn State fan since, you know, he grew up in PA, but he also watches anything football that's on at any time. Ever. Seriously, it's weird as hell.), "It doesn't feel any different."

No, it never does, but we have to get used to the idea that it's 2009. Annoying when I write out the rent check.

In case anyone is wondering, this is, of course, my writing journal. No matter what other shit I rant about, it's really not the point of this thing being here. If it were, I'd have lost interest in IJ a long time ago, since reality never does much for me. I usually f-lock these writing entries though-- my endless lists and whatever. But since this is sort of the year end wrap-up of Everything I Did, I'm just gonna leave it unlocked. My friends who just stop by and don't use OpenID or anything (as in, the blogger/LJ people who stop by to say hi sometimes) can either look at it or not, but if you glance through it'll tell you the kinds of shit I do every day like way more accurately. (Also: Hi!)

The rest of you will just sigh and say "here she goes again..."

First up: The Resolution. Sort of discussed this on ye olde author blog, but I'm not going to explain why I talk about my characters like they're real anymore. I feel like I'm making excuses. You know why I do it, don't pretend you don't. And if you really don't, that's cool, you probably don't care anyhow.

That said, I'm now going to discuss things that went on this year, for comparison with next year, since I'm crazy like that. This is sort of for my own records and motivation, and I'm doing it today because it's the New Year. Nano felt more like the turnover writing-wise actually, but what the fuck, I figure. It's 8.30am and I'm actually awake. And I can't resist a chance to make a list.

That means it's time for a list of crap I did this year!

Stuff I Did )

So in conclusion, as accomplishments this year go, it's fair to say I've made some important steps. I've proven to myself that I can write well enough to make people take a second look at giant novel projects. I've learned more about pacing, though I'm far from perfecting. I've learned that people will in fact pay me for this-- if not quite a professional rate, yet. But I'm actually confident that I'll get there some day. might take me a few years, but I'm good with that.

And now the obligatory second part. The stuff I want to do.

Up Next... )

And god knows what else, but those are my guesses. It'll be amusing to see how much of it actually goes this way-- especially since we'll be house-shopping and other weird shit this year. Hmmm!

Okay this is a novel in itself. I'll stop now. Just... the lists! They call to me!
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