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but all her looks were too sad [Jul. 28th, 2011|02:19 am]
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Today's conversations:

(via text)
B: Why don't you go get a bottle of Jameson?
Me: Nah, let's wait til next month. Already tanked two bottles this month between us.
B: I know, but I know you're freaking out today. Thought it would help you.
Me: I know that's why you offered. You're the best!
B: It's true.

(on the phone)
Me: I will send you chapbooks!
Tara: Are they signed?
Me: Yeah!
Tara: ... personalized?
Me: Uh, no. I mean, I didn't know who'd end up with them, so, uh... I just... um...
Tara: (A very stern, disapproving--) Hmmm.
Me: Are you about to demand that I write something in yours?
Tara: Yes.
Me: Okay. I will.
Tara: You better, dammit!

Hey, you can pre-order my book now, if you feel so inclined. Here's the link. Won't cost anything until they're actually ready to ship next month, so yay. And stuff. I'll give you a free chapbook if you do. Here's the link to tell you how to get it.

Oddly enough I've only got like 11 chapbooks left. I did give away a few there at the start as thank yous but... weird. Well, I reckon most people who were excited to pre-order got it done right away and stuff. Plus I reserved a few for people who wouldn't be around for the pre-order day like Cory and Cate and all that.

But still. Wonder if I really will need to break into the con reserve? Not that I'd complain if I did!

One step closer to real, innit?
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took a look at myself and it wasn't quite right [Feb. 26th, 2011|02:45 pm]
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I am getting fucking audacious!

So I had this idea a while back that Scripped should have its own domain name, but I didn't want to do something stupid like "scrippednovel.com" or something. Okay, that's not STUPID, but it's not exactly what I'm looking for, if you know what I mean. So I've decided that the tagline for the novel is "You can never go home", because, uh, that's what it's about. He tries and tries to get home, he gets there, and then he tries and tries to get back. Welcome to Faerie, my friend--once you're here, YOU CAN NEVER GO HOME.

Anyhow, that should be the .com, right*? Right!

...only I went to do it last night and someone had already bought it. Bugger.

To make a long story short, I realized sometime shortly after that there were domains that ended in .me. Now, normally, I don't like weird ass domain extensions... uh, except, in this case:


Yep. Try it.

Ta-da!! See, that's awesome.

So anyhow, I have plans for that page. Once we get about 3 months out from release I'm going to rework it so it's not recognizable as a kvtaylor page. You know, upload my own html thingie and all that. It'll just have quotations and fucked up shit about faerie and Appalachia for a while, creepy shit like that. (I even had the audacity to ask Terri Windling if I could use some of her quotes from this article just like I used the wiki quote. She'll very likely say no, but man, she says it so well. What harm is there in asking?) And then about a month out, I'll add in the artwork and some other shit. Etc etc until the release.


Well, for now it's staying as it is and I'm not making a big deal about the domain--it's there and masked and that'll do for now. But it'll be awesome to print up my little bookmarks (I have art!! And dude, it's the back of Jonah and Sela, and every time I look at it I get shivery because SELA IS SO CREEPY EVEN FROM BEHIND OMG) and just put http://youcannevergoho.me on them. Posters and shit, too. I will flood the coffee shops and indie book stores, dammit!

Okay, it's goofy. But I like it, goddammit.

*Yes, I do realize it should say "Scripped" in the address somewhere. Look, I'll work with the SEO optimization, it'll come out in the wash, really!
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The obligatory recap [Dec. 29th, 2009|02:08 am]
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In re last year's pseudo-resolutions and goals:

First up: The Resolution. Sort of discussed this on ye olde author blog, but I'm not going to explain why I talk about my characters like they're real anymore. I feel like I'm making excuses. You know why I do it, don't pretend you don't. And if you really don't, that's cool, you probably don't care anyhow.

I actually did that! Not that it was difficult. I did see one dumbfuck doing a blog post about how weird it is to talk like that, but it was on the fringe of my little circle, so I magnanimously ignored it. If you can't say something nice, snark about it in private. So there we go.

I do hate explaining myself. Almost as much as I hate people who think I ought to. Glad it only took me 29 years to figure that shit out.

And on to the goals...

The Resurrectionist will get written.
Well fuck me, I did it! It hurt, but honestly, I haven't had that much fun writing in a long fucking time. Four PoVs, maybe not that smart. But if I can save it, it'll all be worth it. Also, Tom is loud. He's not a specific sort of muse like some of them-- those are kind of rare comparatively-- but he's more a collective sort of something that's always been there with me. Haven't written someone that easy for me since a vampire. Jesus.

And in Becca, I had a character I could honestly say I liked, for once. I don't know that she's likable at all, but I think I'd genuinely like her if I knew her. I can't say the same for Hannah or Paul-- though I suppose they'd both be entertaining as acquaintances.

The Inhuman War/Sheehy thing will get written.
Didn't do it, but I made up an excuse a few months back. See, I was going to do it for Nano, but then November rolled around and I thought, ah fuck, you know what, I'm tired after that Resurrectionist debacle, and I really need to relax. Plus... that should be a graphic novel.

Come on. Michael the Archangel burning down a DC bar, a black mass in La Voison's Potomac-overlooking penthouse, Vlad the Impaler pulling a "Luke, I'm your father", and Icarus dripping invisible wax all over Brian and Grady's DuPont Circle apartment. It'll be great!

... maybe not. But I still want to do it, goddammit.

The Audio File will get queries in my usual small batches, undoubtedly. I should also say here that Wolfton Paranormal will probably see another round after that
Didn't do the former for much the same reason, and more immediate. I did a few drafts, but scrapped it for the upcoming script. So it was sort of invalidated. Wolfton, however, did get another round of queries!

The merc thing, I think, will really come together.
This apparently happened yesterday. (As in, I figured out the entire first arc of conflict-- it was missing something. Now it's not.) So I guess that counts.

I can write another dozen shorts.
Nope. Well, when I made these predictions last year, I didn't really understand what it takes for me to complete a satisfactory short story. I don't want to say that I can't work on demand-- I can absolutely work on demand. But if the project doesn't hit me with inspiration immediately, it's not going to. I know it's dumb to work in absolutes, but... fuck it. Anyhow, invites and stuff balance this shit out, if you ask me. Not bothered!

Oubliette and Camp Town, after their reworkings, will be submitted to small presses.
I totally forgot I made this prediction/goal! I did both of these, and expect to hear back about both within the next month. Oubliette's been out forever, but that's how it works. Scripped probably won't take as long... but it won't be instant!

Sequel wise, I'll likely write the next Wolfton, Izzy book, or re-vamp (haha... punny... sorry) James.
I didn't, but I'm having G dreams again. Did I mention this last week? It's been going on for a while.

G's dreams fucking suck, by the way.

That's not a bad haul I guess, since I made excuses for all the shit at which I FAILED SPECTACULARLY. Well, almost. Sweet.

Appropriate icon is appropriate.
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just wait until the shine wears off [Nov. 12th, 2009|02:28 pm]
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I feel like shit today, and it's raining again, so I can't get to the store. Which I guess is good, since I feel like shit, but still!

Yet I'm in a decent mood because I have stuff to do, which keeps me busy. The "Scirpped" edit goes well-- this is the first time I've ever edited a book and not been in a state of absolute despair over it in the middle. I think this is mostly due to Meghan's unwavering support of it, honestly, but that's really good for me just now. Seeing as my heart is still mostly full of hate.

But I need a break in the middle here, and if I log on to LotRO I'll lose a good three hours. So I'm going to do this music meme I got from Leah over on LJ.

You know you want to do it! I'm insane and want your answers! )

Right. That was a fun time-waster!
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