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But all of my life, I’ve been treated like a fool [Jan. 10th, 2012|04:18 pm]
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I am so fucking sick. I don't know what's up with my stomach lately. I mean, I expected some pain after the holidays, but I swear to god I'm becoming so fucking delicate in my old age. WTF. Plus my head hurts and I'm achey --

So actually, I'm pretty sure I have the flu or something.

Oh well. I have Kasabian tickets for March 20. If anyone wants to go, I got an extra!

Also, Theo has a theme song.

Jesus. How convenient that they're one of Malory's favorite bands...
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Then to my knees you do promote me [Apr. 17th, 2011|03:29 am]
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It rained all day, pretty much. I dicked around a little on LotRO, but ended up reading through all my newspaper bits. Then it was time for sushi for Balaji's continued birthday celebration.I didn't have a drink because I'm a bit weak and mehhhhhhh today, but I felt terrible when we got home. Then I got completely fucking owned.

Goddamn. Tired. And yet, I would count it as a good day!
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sneaking in the back door with dirty magazines [Oct. 18th, 2010|12:33 am]
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I'm home but I'm sleepy and achey and possibly full of hormones. I'm angry and a bit hateful--too tired to be anything else. Tired in weird ways you forget exist until you feel them.

But stuff in WV goes well. So that's what really matters. Nice to be home, too.

Some kind of detox/shut down day tomorrow. Normal service will resume shortly after. Assuming I can become less hateful by some alchemy of sleep and avoidance, anyhow.

Mostly I think I'm just ready for this dreadful fucking month to be over.
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she doesn't know that I left my urge in the icebox [Aug. 16th, 2010|04:57 pm]
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I woke up with a monstrous fucking headache, and it grew and grew. It is now not only monstrous, but godlike. It's like the Leto Fucking Atreides God-Worm of all Headaches.

Ouch, I mean to say. This fucking weather this summer has been a real motherfucker, you know?

Anyhow, I shouldn't complain. Yesterday I was still pretty braindead, so I did RPP formatting type stuff and a blog entry. Today I woke up, did some good hard re-read of Megh's final drafts for her stories (shiny!), and continued with Elan and Nieva. I'm up to 4251 words, Elan has just promised Nieva that busting out of a brothel will be easy with him by her side (poor sap--good thing she's there to save him), and my head is throbbing so badly that even Hot Chip can't make me finish. Son of a bitch.

I really need to jump into the 10 submissions competition. If I can get Elan and Nieva sorted and edit Peacock by tomorrow I'm in pretty good shape still. Wonder which one I'll try to write next. I wish I could tell ahead of time, but then I'd hate to start thinking about it just yet. One thing at a time for my poor confused brain.

We were supposed to go out to dinner tonight, too, and I always get so disappointed when I think I'm going to do something fun and then get owned like this. But Balaji has promised me sambar rice and I have a whole bottle of Jack Daniels, so whatever.

Small workout first though, as my hip has really been a dickhead about things for the past few days. (I did fuck it up in Phila. again, I'm forced to admit. Fuck.) But here's hoping it'll get me closer to the usual 45 minutes today than it did yesterday.

There's the cranky update. But it is what it is.

In ridiculous news, we were watching the MST3K "Jack Frost" last night, and it is my new favorite movie, so thanks again John! It's like Cinderella meets Baba Yaga on crack. There is even scope for a Tom Bombadil joke in it. I mean wow.

Jack Frost: You're a good girl, aren't you? Not the contradicting kind at all.
Balaji: [Gives me an evil look, waiting for the explosion to occur.]
Me: [Grits teeth]
(15 minutes later when I have a mouth full of water)
Balaji: I do wish you weren't quite so contradicting though, Kate.
Me: [Spew]

His timing is of the evil.
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He promises me I'm safe as houses, as long as I remember who's wearing the trousers [Jul. 19th, 2010|04:20 pm]
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Dude, something was wrong with Balaji's stomach yesterday, but something's always wrong with his stomach. Now today something's wrong with mine and I realize too late that the fucker had a bug. Dammit!! Queasy and gross, but hey, if he's any indication, it's a 24 hour thing. Still, fuck.

So I took him to Union Station a few hours ago and put in Aldo's CD on the way back. It is seriously my favorite fucking CD ever:

1. The Boy With The Thorn In His Side - The Smiths
2. Endlessly - Muse
3. Never Let Me Down Again - Depeche Mode
4. Poison Heart - The Ramones
5. Hateful - The Clash
6. Boys Don't Cry - The Cure
7. The Hand That Feeds - NIN
8. Nobody Loved You - Manic Street Preachers
9. Paranoid Android - Radiohead
10. Angie - The Rolling Stones

So now I'm in an Aldo Mood: listening to NIN very loud and drinking Coke.

Icon Meme, since my brain is broken anyhow )
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but I'm in love with you, want to stay in love with you (so I'm gonna live alone) [Dec. 10th, 2009|12:47 pm]
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I've been feeling kind of shit for the last few days, but just run down-- nothing to keep me from doing my usual. But today I think I officially have another cold. I went all year without one, now I get two in two months. AND the hacking/aches and pains have made my stupid back flare up again (though I at least know how to manage that shit now). Brilliant!

Ah well. I'll sleep it off.

Sorry if I'm a cranky bastard this week. Going to WV on Saturday for Nick's first Madrigal dinner thing, though, so at least that'll be a distraction.

PS- IJ hasn't been sending me notifications for the last week apparently-- if you thought I wasn't responding/didn't care, it's not true! I did! I love you!
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Don't be a star, it's such a drag [Nov. 16th, 2009|06:54 pm]
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I didn't finish Jonah today like I'd planned, but that's all right because I got everything else done-- and right before Thanksgiving Having Shit Done is to happiness. The good news:

-My new exercise thingie is awesome. It's meant to be for Christmas, but whatever, it's more important to have one of those ready to go after Thanksgiving, let's face it. (It's a steppy thing, which I love. Hopefully it'll help me get strong enough again so I can use my cruncher too, because right now it'd own by back. Fingers crossed.) So I can step and watch Jane Austen movies in the afternoons.

I'm such a housewife. Where are my fucking bon-bons?

-I said I wouldn't get any more books at the library today, because I have so many that want reading, but I can't go there to take books back and NOT wander around a little. What should catch my eye but "The Memoirs of Barry Lyndon, Esq." by my old darling William Makepeace Thackeray. Yes, I had to have it, and so I do. I love that fucking movie, so I'm sure the book will be even awesomer.

And I need something light between the Joyce. "Ulysses" is a lot easier this time around, and I actually get what's going on. But holy fuck. If it wasn't so pretty, I'd scream. (It is though. Seriously.)

-My body isn't broken. It's been roughly a year since my system got all fucked up, but it is, at least temporarily, okay now! That's vague and stupid, but enough that I can rejoice without giving information about which organs are being lame and which aren't, which I'm sure couldn't matter less to anyone but me.

-I have no less than three short stories out with people for lookovers and edits! This doesn't sound remarkable, perhaps, but the thing is that I hardly ever write short fiction, so to have three active and in the queue at once is a real fucking accomplishment. Of course, the places I want to send two of them aren't open for months, and the third is going to need some good hacking, but still. Also, Dart and Resurrectionists are out and about as well, which is super awesome. (Poor John got two of them dumped on him, but for everyone else it's one at a time. Sorry John, that's what you get for being so good with a historical.)

-Our coffee grinder has been iffy for the last few weeks, but it finally died today. I knew it was having trouble. Then our coffee MAKER started leaking the other day. I woke up today and got, "and there's no coffee, because the thing is broken."

Well I knew the grinder was broken-- I thought the leak in the pot had been investigated and found insurmountable, as issues go. So when I went to the grocery store I stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond and got a new coffee maker and grinder...

And got home to hear, "Why did you buy a coffee maker? It's just the grinder that's broken."

Communication fail!

But Jesus I had a headache today, with only a cup of Darjeeling for support. Guess it's time to start cutting back.

Ah, who am I kidding?

But for now, time for wine.
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makes me feel like I'm talking a foreign language sometimes [Oct. 23rd, 2009|01:40 am]
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Short fucking attention span theater. God, I hate being sick. Hate, hate, hate. Hate it so much more now that it's rare, too.

But at least it's a good mode in which to read my Shock Totem and Necrotic Tissue mags. After Portrait of a Lady, I think I'm really in need of some modern horrific short stories. Oh man.

Today I glanced over The Horologist and picked at it. Then I opened up Peacock and Raven and picked at that (for the 329184th time. It's one I CANNOT LET ALONE-- but I actually think it's been long enough now that I can make a difference... if I can fucking concentrate). Then I wrote the opening for Willoughby Spit, which I'm convinced is idiotic as all get out. (That's my OCD Luke Pritchard as Orpheus story.) I'm not sure if I mean that in a bad way or not, either.

I also read a bunch of things, all of which were awesome, so that helped. I killed things on LotRO for about a half hour before I lost patience. (Eveny-- the elf not the vampire!-- is 40! Er, because yeah, the vampire would be loads older, wouldn't he? Anyhow.)

Stupid plague. :/
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Watch the sky [Jul. 24th, 2009|08:51 am]
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Everything's good with Mom-- thanks to everyone who's been asking. Little thing about yesterday for my own records! )

I somehow managed to do some work in terms of research reading, and I'm almost done with my Jackson/Adams book, with a few more ideas for making the letters in Peacock and Raven more interesting and her political issues more pertinent. Excellent timing since I had it in my inbox when I checked just now. Meghan, you rock! (My Thunderbird doesn't want to work from here to send email, since I'm still at the Hampton Inn. You know how that goes! You're the awesomest! I should've thought of Sari and the feathers. <3 <3-- one for each of you.) Not sure how I read and absorbed nonfiction after 24 hours awake, but it was surprisingly easy.
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I'm a classy honey kissy huggy lovey dovey ghetto princess [Jul. 14th, 2009|06:38 pm]
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Writing update crap )

I posted a reprint of a story of mine, "Lime Green Closet", at the site. The rights went back to me a few months ago and I don't feel like resubbing it anywhere-- figure it's just as well up there as free content... and some day someone might care! Anyhow, I like the story, it's pulpy and fun and fairly me-- or at least part of me.

Back hurts today. I don't really have time for it to go bad, so I reckon I ought to start eating Aleve.

Doctor tomorrow. Awesome.
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all my friends are as sharp as razors [Jun. 12th, 2009|12:06 am]
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I played The Sims in my pajamas all day, but still had my phone off for some reason. Habit.

In spite of a killer fucking headache out of nowhere, I dragged my ass to Whole Foods for restocking and some dinner beforehand, and did some research tonight during the game.

Apparently it was common practice to perform experiments on corpses before dissecting them that involved electric current. I so want to avoid direct Galvani-style experimentation though, goddammit. It's so overdone.

Mmm zombies.

That's about it for today.
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and she's making me feel like I've never been born [Apr. 8th, 2009|12:29 pm]
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Yesterday was pretty much awful. I wish percocet worked for more than two hours a pop, because I might've felt decent for longer... but it doesn't so I didn't. It didn't help that Balaji gets cranky and tired when he has to do the cooking/cleaning PLUS work and the cat decides to throw up all over the place again. (We thought it was the old dry food... nope. Just dry food in general, apparently. Jesus.) Not really a relaxing environment.

But I did get to see the first episode of new season of The Tudors, which was awesome. So there's that.

Thankfully today seems more promising. That sucked though. And slowed down that whole "getting back to life" thing I had planned. I'm making progress this morning/afternoon though, so there's a bonus.

This is lame.
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you can check out any time you like [Apr. 5th, 2009|09:01 pm]
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I am actually home now, but I've magically managed to fuck up my back just as mom's got better. I don't know why-- didn't do anything out of the ordinary, just housework, but then I never do. Anyhow it hurts like a motherfucker so I'll probably be wasted for the next week or so.

Good to be home, though!

Mm I want to report on Primal Scream for posterity and discuss my breakthroughs with The Resurrectionist and Minaddon for my own insanity... but let this serve as a reminder for me.
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the infrastructure will collapse [Feb. 4th, 2009|09:21 am]
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I went to bed last night curled up in a ball with horrific stomach cramps. (Don't worry, I'm not getting girly on you-- they were intestinal... not that that's much better, but whatever.) I wasn't even sick, no puking or anything, but it must've been food poisoning from the fried rice (which I made-- sad, I don't even have anyone else to blame. Thank god Bala didn't eat it though, he's still fighting a horrific cold.). This morning it's still a bit dodgy down there but I guess I slept the worst of it off. Which is good because dude. For two hours, just pure ouch.

I'm falling apart again. And I was doing so well!

Of course that also meant I fell asleep (thank god) early, around 11, so I got up at like 8. Fuck this shit! I'm useless until at least 11am, so I'm sat here staring at the computer unable to concentrate (and a bit queasy, though I have been for a few days now anyhow-- not sure if it's just the same old or leftover pain.). Awesome.

Okay let me complain some. First, about The Dutchess. You know what, that might've been an okay movie. If someone who could act had played the titular role, anyhow.

Seriously, Kiera Knightley cannot act. I like to look at her, she has a really interesting face, but seriously could she be a more shallow fucking actress? I mean it was a movie that revolved around a strong, sometimes selfish, sometimes sacrificing, really interesting woman... and she made it boring. Just like she did, somehow, though god knows, with Lizzy Bennett-- one of the LEAST BORING female characters EVER WRITTEN. So I don't know why I'm shocked.

Mostly, I'm just shocked that she keeps getting these parts.

And then you have Ralph Fiennes who makes his loathsome Duke somehow utterly sympathetic with 1/15th the screen time and dialog. Seriously, they shouldn't even be on the screen together. It's so wrong.

Also, what's up with that little troll-looking kid being in everything nowadays? The one who played Willoughby in Sense and Sensibility (the good one, the miniseries), and was the husband-to-be in Mamma Mia!, you know the one. He looks like he's 12. How is this sexy? He was Charles Gray (the LOVER) in The Dutchess and he was good and all, but dude. Not cute. Well no, cute-- cute like a 12 year old.

The reason I noticed was because I watched all those on the flights. Those and like 20 others. Good times, but I was too tired to read and not tired enough to pass out. As usual.

Hmm maybe I need a cup of tea and then I'll be able to start working. Yeah. That'd be great.
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