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[Oct. 30th, 2012|02:50 pm]
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In case anyone missed it at the blog:




The best part is Liam's face. Like "Goddammit, G, the second you let me go you are SO on your knees."
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There is no fucking you, there is only me [Jul. 3rd, 2011|03:25 pm]
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Oh hey, who just sold a fucking vampire book to her publisher?

Yeah. Me.

God, Liam. You fucker. You wonderful fucker.

Thank you. Seriously. Meghan, Mark, Maureen, Ahalya, Dana, Keli, Reenie, Jen, Sue, John, Laura, Hayley---

Fuck. So many people helped me with this. I know I just forgot someone important. Ten fucking years. Ffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

(Priorities are rearranging themselves. After Res, back to James. Now I can totally justify wallowing in vampire awesome AS MUCH AS I WANT TO SO THERE.)

Barbecue plans today with Carolyn, Carlo, and his kids. If we can get a grill to free up out there in the park. I have faith.

Champagne in the fridge. Vampire Awareness Week.

Jesus, I'm gonna cry again. Look at this sappy fuck.
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Tell me there will be no more mis-takes [Dec. 12th, 2010|03:12 pm]
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Today is Gianni Fiorenza's 102nd birthday.

Happy birthday, Head Person of Some Note. I hope you get whatever you want tonight. But then, you usually do.

And we're back from WV. We were there way, way less than 24 hours, but the Madrigal thing was great, the kids are awesome, Nick's script was even better than last year, etc. etc. And Paco is awesome.

As a side note, god, my mother is weird.
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He promises me I'm safe as houses, as long as I remember who's wearing the trousers [Jul. 19th, 2010|04:20 pm]
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Dude, something was wrong with Balaji's stomach yesterday, but something's always wrong with his stomach. Now today something's wrong with mine and I realize too late that the fucker had a bug. Dammit!! Queasy and gross, but hey, if he's any indication, it's a 24 hour thing. Still, fuck.

So I took him to Union Station a few hours ago and put in Aldo's CD on the way back. It is seriously my favorite fucking CD ever:

1. The Boy With The Thorn In His Side - The Smiths
2. Endlessly - Muse
3. Never Let Me Down Again - Depeche Mode
4. Poison Heart - The Ramones
5. Hateful - The Clash
6. Boys Don't Cry - The Cure
7. The Hand That Feeds - NIN
8. Nobody Loved You - Manic Street Preachers
9. Paranoid Android - Radiohead
10. Angie - The Rolling Stones

So now I'm in an Aldo Mood: listening to NIN very loud and drinking Coke.

Icon Meme, since my brain is broken anyhow )
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your love's so criminal [Jul. 16th, 2010|03:33 am]
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A lot of things that were meant to get done today did not-- and that's Lucy's fault. I spent my morning herding a cat. Fuck!

But I did get to the post office on time to mail my damn contract, and also Cory's letter, so that's good news. I also watched two of the Vampire Awareness Movies. I was meant to get Night Stalker before Martin, but Martin came--

HAHA. Pseudo-vampire in Pittsburgh. Liam got a little homesick, except that it was clearly not shot in Pittsburgh for the most part, and no one had a Pittsburgh accent.

I'll let him bitch about it later. For now, his thoughts on the first three movies are up... which will make no sense or difference to anyone but the very few people who've read his book. But whatever. I needed something to post. I can never think of things to post when I'm busy, goddammit!

But with that accomplished, I can go back to getting my shit done. Grrraaaahhh!
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You shot my arm full of love (and it spread into the world) [Jun. 20th, 2010|04:49 pm]
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Hahahaha this made me gigle. From my automatic twitter update via Tweekly.fm:

My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Interpol (91), Ludwig van Beethoven (65) and Franz Ferdinand (41) http://bit.ly/9T3AC0

Can we tell what I've been writing?
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The obligatory recap [Dec. 29th, 2009|02:08 am]
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In re last year's pseudo-resolutions and goals:

First up: The Resolution. Sort of discussed this on ye olde author blog, but I'm not going to explain why I talk about my characters like they're real anymore. I feel like I'm making excuses. You know why I do it, don't pretend you don't. And if you really don't, that's cool, you probably don't care anyhow.

I actually did that! Not that it was difficult. I did see one dumbfuck doing a blog post about how weird it is to talk like that, but it was on the fringe of my little circle, so I magnanimously ignored it. If you can't say something nice, snark about it in private. So there we go.

I do hate explaining myself. Almost as much as I hate people who think I ought to. Glad it only took me 29 years to figure that shit out.

And on to the goals...

The Resurrectionist will get written.
Well fuck me, I did it! It hurt, but honestly, I haven't had that much fun writing in a long fucking time. Four PoVs, maybe not that smart. But if I can save it, it'll all be worth it. Also, Tom is loud. He's not a specific sort of muse like some of them-- those are kind of rare comparatively-- but he's more a collective sort of something that's always been there with me. Haven't written someone that easy for me since a vampire. Jesus.

And in Becca, I had a character I could honestly say I liked, for once. I don't know that she's likable at all, but I think I'd genuinely like her if I knew her. I can't say the same for Hannah or Paul-- though I suppose they'd both be entertaining as acquaintances.

The Inhuman War/Sheehy thing will get written.
Didn't do it, but I made up an excuse a few months back. See, I was going to do it for Nano, but then November rolled around and I thought, ah fuck, you know what, I'm tired after that Resurrectionist debacle, and I really need to relax. Plus... that should be a graphic novel.

Come on. Michael the Archangel burning down a DC bar, a black mass in La Voison's Potomac-overlooking penthouse, Vlad the Impaler pulling a "Luke, I'm your father", and Icarus dripping invisible wax all over Brian and Grady's DuPont Circle apartment. It'll be great!

... maybe not. But I still want to do it, goddammit.

The Audio File will get queries in my usual small batches, undoubtedly. I should also say here that Wolfton Paranormal will probably see another round after that
Didn't do the former for much the same reason, and more immediate. I did a few drafts, but scrapped it for the upcoming script. So it was sort of invalidated. Wolfton, however, did get another round of queries!

The merc thing, I think, will really come together.
This apparently happened yesterday. (As in, I figured out the entire first arc of conflict-- it was missing something. Now it's not.) So I guess that counts.

I can write another dozen shorts.
Nope. Well, when I made these predictions last year, I didn't really understand what it takes for me to complete a satisfactory short story. I don't want to say that I can't work on demand-- I can absolutely work on demand. But if the project doesn't hit me with inspiration immediately, it's not going to. I know it's dumb to work in absolutes, but... fuck it. Anyhow, invites and stuff balance this shit out, if you ask me. Not bothered!

Oubliette and Camp Town, after their reworkings, will be submitted to small presses.
I totally forgot I made this prediction/goal! I did both of these, and expect to hear back about both within the next month. Oubliette's been out forever, but that's how it works. Scripped probably won't take as long... but it won't be instant!

Sequel wise, I'll likely write the next Wolfton, Izzy book, or re-vamp (haha... punny... sorry) James.
I didn't, but I'm having G dreams again. Did I mention this last week? It's been going on for a while.

G's dreams fucking suck, by the way.

That's not a bad haul I guess, since I made excuses for all the shit at which I FAILED SPECTACULARLY. Well, almost. Sweet.

Appropriate icon is appropriate.
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Let me whisper in your ear [Nov. 9th, 2009|04:58 pm]

I just red a blog entry on vampires and teh gay that made my fucking day brighter. It was mostly a rant about how vampires are associated with queerness, but are never really queer any more than they're ever really bad, conflation of sin and homosexuality/Victorian rape fantasy, etc. Which is all very true.

"If Angel got his soul back, Edward and Stephen have had theirs purified, redeemed, hallelujah, by however many decades of denial. Happily walking about in the daylight, protected by a silver ring or a Silver Ring Thing, there’s barely a hint of the demonic to them now, just those dread desires they’ve got boxed away nicely."

Living in the closet = happiness!

But what really made my day was:

"You need a little less romance and little more rimming, dig? Really, you’d be better working with werewolves; you can imagine them with their noses at each other’s arse."

On Blood, Bad Boys and Bottoms is the article. It's too long and ill-informed about Stoker in some ways. But man it made me laugh.
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now you only get it in your nightdress [Aug. 26th, 2009|05:56 pm]
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[Current Music |Obviously right now it has to be Beethoven...]

The birthday wishes started things out really, really well (thanks to all!) and my back felt loads better. Then there was this little moment of temper tantrum-- the net adapter I got for this thing kept jacking me up when I was playing LotRO (nothing like LDing in the middle of the Barrows while doing that stupid Protect the Hobbit Girl quest!) all week, and then last night the router started acting up. After about two hours of being angry this morning I just packed it all in and went out.

I got:

1. An overpriced haircut that looks pretty damn good. Also, a new person to go to for haircuts in general, which I've needed, er, since I moved to DC.
2. Decently priced salon shampoo and conditioner.
3. Lunch by myself. (Weird fact: I love eating out alone. I'm strange, I know. I had Neal Stephenson, though.)
4. A new adapter-- the kind you screw into the guts of your PC and it actually works.
5. A book called The Great Pianists: From Mozart to the Present with my 25% off coupon at Borders. (Sometimes you need to buy presents for your head people. I had another book in my hand when I walked past that and got a very clear "AHEM" sound from the back. That's what I get for watching Immortal Beloved last night-- woke the fucker up.)

And that's not counting that I'd opened my box o' books from my husband this morning and the Absolute Sandman Vol. I is insanely fucking gorgeous.

So anyhow I got home from that little adventure and there was a Liam in my inbox from Cory. And man, he's pretty. I am so fucking excited. Holy shit. (Post to come, don't worry. You won't be spared!) Any more of this and G's going to think it's his birthday.

When in fact, it is Liam's... which I didn't think of until just now. But I'm original like that. I try and remind G his is in December. He pretends not to hear me.

So yeah, Immortal Beloved. It might seem weird that I've never seen it before, knowing my heinously uncool Beethoven thing, but I hadn't. It's a good movie and all, but the whole point was apparently to take every fucked up insane cruel bastardly thing the man did during his lifetime and make some idiotic romantic excuse for it. Don't get me wrong, he was a deaf composer trying to hide his deafness... and he was likely deaf because his dad beat the hell out of him when he was a kid. But he was still a cockbag.

I don't mind though. Bad history, but good entertainment. Still, makes Amadeus look like a shining example of accuracy by comparison.
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breaking their hearts and breaking their minds [Apr. 22nd, 2009|01:51 pm]
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Cate posted this over at her blog today, and I thought I should share.

Who loves you? (Van Helsing!)

Seriously though, I want to point out that Dracula was, in fact, sexy. Maybe he didn't sparkle, but he seduced the fuck out of Lucy Van Helsing and Mina Harker. (Figuratively. Intentionally figuratively, even.) And nearly that puss Jonathan too. Just saying.

Van Helsing wasn't very sexy. But you know, I'm not complaining.
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I was buying some feelings from a vending machine [Sep. 17th, 2008|03:26 pm]
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[Current Mood | accomplished]
[Current Music |The Chieftans - Crowley's Reel]

I have been single-minded in my destruction since my last post. [Ed: My last F-locked post, anyhow.] I did take a break last night to eat something, have a G&T, and watch Eureka. I made myself go to bed just after 3am by taking a Tylenol PM (lifesaver when my head won't shut up), then back at it before 11am today.

I'm about halfway through a quick readthrough for line edits, just before chapter 10. I got to this line in Giuseppe's lab, describing one of his charts tacked to the wall:

A tree bearing indecipherable symbolic fruits.

And all I could think was "YOU'RE a tree bearing indecipherable symbolic fruits!!"

That was when I knew I'd lost my mind.

So I hit the word count button for the 30000th time, and got this:

Words: 119,754

This means two things:

1. Cutting it down to 115k wouldn't even require further scene cuts, just some good line editing.
and, more importantly

It's been real, pal. Now shut the fuck up and let me hear myself think. Thanks, man. I love you even if you are a fucker.


So, I'm pretty much the queen of the world. (The one in my head. That's quite an accomplishment, with Gianni in there.)

It's not even 4pm, but it might be time for a drink. God knows my parents start at noon, about time I started carrying on family traditions.
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this is a big fuck you! [Aug. 25th, 2008|02:54 pm]
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The Cat Food Disaster

I woke up with my back really hurting (carried groceries the other day, probably dumb) and a pretty decent headache. Took a shower, sat down, had some coffee and read some fun stuff, then got an email that the cat food we ordered had been "damaged" in shipping.

UPS guy shows up, hands me a perfectly decent box, and I put it aside for putting away later.

Start to notice within fifteen minutes that it smells like they shipped me a three-days-dead raccoon instead of cat food. So I open it up and BAM! ROADKILL SMELL ALL OVER MY APARTMENT. Two plastic bags-- one with a whole case of Turducken flavored organic wholistic bullshit food, one of which obviously broke and showered the others with its funk, which then crustified, spoiled, and became this massive tin conglomerate of foulness and eternal stench. (I did not open this bag, thank god, I noticed before I got that far and it went straight into the trash.) Another bag-- Surf N Turf and New England Boil flavored trays-- in tact, but extremely stinky because they have remnants of the Turducken disaster clinging to them.

I spend two hours throwing things away, cleaning what I can save, and then cleaning my entire house to get the smell out. But it won't get out of my nostrils. I had to have Balaji, who has been safe in his office through most of this ordeal (though he did have the misfortune to come out just after I opened the box and was trying to figure out wtf was going on, and helpfully say "OH GOD WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!"), come out and inspect for lingering roadkill smell. He has given the place his seal of approval.

Well, I was going to clean the kitchen today anyhow.

Good thing this weekend was so good, or I'd be pretty fucking angry right now. As it is, this is fucking hilarious. UPS sucks. I can't believe that douchebag driver didn't even warn me-- he just ran off without even asking me to sign, real fast. Fucker!

Backup Vampires

These small disasters had the bonus effect of reminding me to back up this weekend's insane flurry of vampiric activity. Losing the digital version of the first draft was no big disappointment-- I knew it would need completely redone and that was all right. But this rewrite has distinct copy and paste elements, and there was a little too much capitalization on moments of strange inspiration involved in the rest for me to imagine I wouldn't have a very, very large temper tantrum if I lost this one.

Writing Can Be Cool

I get very down and out, reading all these editor and agent blogs and interviews and thinking of how awful and heartless most of it is. Not really in relation to myself, even, just in general it's a really desolate landscape. That's business though, and we all know that going in.

But sometimes there's something to remind me that good people are still there, using might for right in true chivalric fashion. Another link from The Swivet sent me to this interview with Super Agent Molly Friedrich. And I felt pretty good about the world. My fellow wanna-be novelists, if you're losing heart, go and read it. The world is only mostly populated with pretentious fuck heads. Not completely.

It's now past 3 and I haven't eaten a goddamn thing since last night at Jaleo with Ahalya. I'd better go find something before my blood sugar plummets and this bout of goodwill in the face of adversity ends in tragedy and bloodshed.
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take pure love and turn it into obscenity [Nov. 30th, 2007|03:15 pm]

What ho.

(Haha Bertie Wooster moment. Sweet.)

Okay that shit has been sent to agent guy. Massive sigh of relief. It's over, I'm really content that it's as good as it could possibly be, and no matter what happens, I win. So... wooo!

Now.. I should get on with business.

EDIT: Scratch that. Fuck me in the ass, I got another one. I sent her the first 10 pages and a 2 page synopsis 2 months ago, and I just got back:

"Ooh. I liked that. Can I read some more? How about sending the first 100 pages as a virus-free attachment."

Good god, what is going on?
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gotta jiboo and you keep on drinkin' too [Nov. 28th, 2007|10:42 pm]
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Well okay. So UPDATE:

Chapter 9 was severely bludgeoned to death this afternoon, once I'd hacked at my Liam synopsis and spent a few minutes fretting over it some more. I forget what its about, so it must not be very good. But Alex got to be mean to Stella again, which is always good, and Vitali is starting to herd everyone in the direction of their little paranormal society. So... something happened, definitely.

Chapter 10 was really just a reworking of one of the Literattzi exercises, so that wasn't so bad. I had to go pick through it, but when I did that one I guessed pretty well at where J and crew would be, mentality wise. Trying to drink (or fuck, if you're Alex... or fuck then snort, I guess... okay now I'm just belaboring the point, nevermind...) the pain away. So MJ had her little freakout and I think the brainstorm list is pretty much accomplished. The only thing I left out is that I don't think it's time for Fi to have a breakthrough yet. I think when the big one hits she should accidentally stumble on something... or maybe have a few theories and try them all, then one works. That would solve a few issues for me, really.

Right. As usual, I'm brainstorming here cause... I always remember when I do it here. Anyhow, that's it for today-- and the story is all pretty much downhill from here. The Big One can blow up Jeremy's living room in the next chapter, really, and Alex can descend into full blown insanity for a little while, MJ and Jeremy can make up, and then Alex can just about get himself pwned. And all shall be well.

Sort of. Anyhow. Whatever, creepy stuff will occur. Of that, at least, I'm sure.

Shocking, I know. Me, creepy?

Word Count: 49044

Eat your heart out, NaNoWriMo.


Soooo I'm going to do something I said I wouldn't till I was done with this mirror thing and like... have a look at Liam real quickly tonight. I should probably just say fuck it and send it as is, but I'm way too anal retentive for that and we all know it. If anyone has any brilliant last minute thoughts for me on making his first chapters AMAZING, please feel free to advise. I want his rejection (he has to reject me, and I'm not just saying that. It's way too weird and long for a first go, as I've discussed multiple times) to be because of the marketing issue, NOT because I suck. If it's just the salability thing, I've got a fucking foot in the door with this dude for the next submissions-- which at this rate could be in a few months. And this dude is just weird enough to give me a second look, I think. He was one of my first three picks (they all kinda came at once.)

It's cool though. No pressure.

No honestly, I was a little stressed earlier today, but I think that's just cause I hate synopsis and the concept of a "writer bio" for an unpublished writer is just retarded. (Yes, he also asked for both of those.) I'm cruising along here just fine. With the help of [info]risty's last.fm radio station and future husband.

(I will say this, though: Liam, dude. Five years of my life. Start earning your fucking keep you bitchy little freeloader!)
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You tear men down like Roger Moore [Nov. 27th, 2007|07:58 pm]

Haha, okay, Liam has officially exceeded all expectations. I got two more query replies from agents tonight (just now, really... well okay, before dinner, but still)-- one was the usual "It looks great but it's not for me." The other was a rather shocking "I like this idea, but I'm not sure about its commercial viability. Can you send me three sample chapters?"

Go Liam. Party like it's your birthday, cause you've officially gotten more attention than you were supposed to.

(The best part is that when I send him the three chapters, I can now say in all honesty that I realize it might not be viable, but should he find it interesting anyhow I have these two other ideas cooking that might suit him better...)
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Sweetness, I was only joking when I said by rights you should be bludgeoned in your bed [Nov. 15th, 2007|01:35 am]
[Current Mood | amused]
[Current Music |Muse - Hate This And I'll Love You]

So when Balaji is out of town I tend to get a lot of movies on demand that he'd never watch. Last night I was feeling extra shitty/tired/sick so I got something funny, I watched Knocked Up (It was surprisingly funny. If you like that kind of thing. And... I do like stupid ass movies, so yeah. I laughed at Blades of Glory. I'm ever so highbrow.) So since I dropped four bucks on it I figured I'd go with something free tonight. So I curl up on the couch with some iced earl grey on the table next to me and the cat in my lap and flip through the free movies. They had The Dark Half.

Now if you never had a Stephen King phase (which I did, from the ages of 12-15, possibly even into 16 I read a TON of his shit), let me tell you the retarded idea of this story. Some dude has one of those twins that gets "absorbed" in utero or whatever, but his never gets fully absorbed. So it's kinda like the crazy aunt in My Big Fat Greek Wedding telling the straightlaced WASP parents about them cutting out a tumor in her neck and finding out it was her twin... only this guy has one in his head/brain area. So when he's a kid they find it cause he's having headaches and hearing shit and think he has a tumor, and instead they find this leftover twin eye blinking at them and a nostril or some shit in his brain. (Stephen King clearly needs some Outreach. [info]risty, I'm looking at you.) There's a bunch of lame crap in here, but the gist is that his parents had the "twin" buried in their family plot like a bunch of weirdos and later on when this dude creates a pseudonym (cause he's clearly a writer, this is Stephen King we're talking about) and a sort of image to go with it, it eventually uses the thirty year old twin remains to grow himself a real body and try to take over his life and murder everyone in the world or whatever.

That's way more than you needed to know to get my point, which is that Stephen King is a smart motherfucker. He can sell anything just cause he's Stephen King. Goddamn genius-- he thinks of this sitting on the toilet in the middle of the night, reaches out for the notebook he must keep on the tank, and scribbles it down and in three weeks he has a fucking bestseller out of absolute crap. Literally. Goddamn. (And I mean that as a compliment. Believe me. When Balaji asked me who I'd be if I had to be someone else for a day-- yes, clearly this was for an MBA application essay --I answered without hesitation that it'd be that scary motherfucker. The things I'd learn in a day. Hey, if I'm not gonna be Vonnegut, I might as well be good at writing crap!)

Wait. No that wasn't my point originally. But it is a point, anyhow.

The original point is that it's a shitty story. He's had some decent ones, I still say. The Stand scared the fuck out of me, in a good way, and I swear to god I was fine with clowns till I read It. Now I see balloons on a mailbox and I still get a pleasant little fear-twist in my stomach. This one, however, did not stick with me. I couldn't remember a thing about it except that the cover had some birds on it-- and birds are inherently scary like no other creature in nature (give me spiders any day, seriously.) So I was like whatever, it's free and the only other good free stuff I've seen 1000 times. And if it has birds it'll be scary.

No. But it was a good lesson on what a fucking genius King is.

Anyhow, back to the OTHER point. Again.

So the dude is a college professor and I'm going, hey that campus looks damn familiar. Naaa I'm just being crazy, they all look the same. This shit takes place in Maine, right? Then I'm going, hey what's up with this tiny ass town looking like home? Na, it's in Maine!

Finally I get three quarters of the way through the movie and I see Krency's bakery. Which would be the bakery I got my graduation cake from in Washington, PA. He goes into the CoGos across the street from it (which is no longer there, but hey, it was back in 1991), and I realize oh my god. That college was Washington and Jefferson!

So it took me this entire crap ass movie to realize the whole thing was shot pretty much next door to my house or, alternately, in random far-flung locations in Allegheny county (which is where Pittsburgh is, but it has some farmland too.)

I'm sure there's some kind of conclusion to be drawn here about how them filming this particular piece of shit in my dad's hometown, which also happens to be the absolute center around which my vampire universe rotates (Liam's house would be in a giant field behind the town they actually showed, which is West Middletown, I realized after rewinding about 50 times then checking the credits to make sure...) Something about the crap nature of my morbid motivations and how it's a sign from the Hollywood Gods that the whole endeavor is ill-fated (or just full of lame 90s actors with pleated pants. Whatever. Same thing.)

But actually, I just think it's kinda cool. I have decided I like the movie after all! And Washington is CLEARLY creepy enough to birth not one, but two vampires.

Also, I've been missing them a lot lately. So any chance to rant, I figure.
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